When A Man Loves A Woman On Jay Leno

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15 Responses to When A Man Loves A Woman On Jay Leno

  1. kat says:

    will someone please for godsakes put these on utube its driving me crazy trying to figure out how to get them of redlasso PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

  2. Carol says:

    Does anyone know the names of Bette’s guitar players while she sung “When a Man Loves a Woman” on Leno last Friday night? They were fantastic!

  3. Gj says:

    Its sad really, singing that song, it really pales next to the movie one, her voice has really lost its flair, and spark

  4. Honeygee says:

    as always, she’s amazingly gorgeous and talented!such a timeless performance! 🙂 thanks for sharing, katrin and mr.d!

  5. Jonathan Booth says:

    brilliant as usual. When a Man Loves a Woman was AMAZIN G!! She kicked the crap out of it 😀 😀 GO BETTE!!