Bishop bans Dita Von Teese from performing at Bette Midler gala

New York Post
Bishop bans from performing at gala
By Emily Smith October 30, 2017 | 9:37pm

Bette Midler With Dita Von Teese at Hulaween

The Queen of Burlesque, Dita Von Teese, was banned by the Bishop of New York from performing at Bette Midler’s famed Hulaween Gala.

Midler had invited Von Teese to perform at this year’s Halloween costume event, which took place Monday night at The Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine on Amsterdam Avenue, in support of the New York Restoration Project.

But The Right Reverend Andrew M L Dietsche, the Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of New York, was not pleased to hear of racy Von Teese’s slated show and ordered she not be allowed to perform inside his Cathedral Church, which according to its website, is a “house of prayer for all people and a unifying center of intellectual light and leadership.”

But Von Teese, who was briefly married to famed satanist Marilyn Manson until 2006, still showed up to support the Hulaween event, posing demurely on the red carpet with former “Hello Dolly” star Midler.It also has an event space which can be rented for events.

Other guests included Bernadette Peters and Alphabet chairman Eric Schmidt, who inexplicably wore a giant jaunty hat with feathers, a disco ball jacket and a string of pink bulbs.

The Bishop didn’t respond to requests for comment. Von Teese told Page Six, “While I’m disappointed not to be performing as planned at this wonderful event, I respect the Bishop’s decision to ban burlesque in a functioning church!”

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2 Responses to Bishop bans Dita Von Teese from performing at Bette Midler gala

  1. Mister D says:

    I think they got it this time cause the Waldorf was under renovation

  2. RJGinNV says:

    If there’s a Hulaween event next year, I foresee another venue. I’m surprised Bette wasn’t banned…….(love her costume , by the way, one of her best!)