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Audio: Here’s The Song That Bette Midler Will Be Singing At The Oscars

Emily Blunt Singing “The Place Where Lost Things Go From ‘Mary Poppins Returns

Mary Poppins Returns

The Place Where Lost Things Go
(Songwriters: Scott Wittman / Marc Shaiman)

Do you ever lie
Awake at night?
Just between the dark
And the morning light
Searching for the things
You used to know
Looking for the place
Where the lost things go

Do you ever dream
Or reminisce?
Wondering where to find
What you truly miss
Well maybe all those things
That you love so
Are waiting in the place
Where the lost things go

Memories you've shed
Gone for good you feared
They're all around you still
Though they've disappeared

Nothing's really left
Or lost without a trace
Nothing's gone forever
Only out of place

So maybe now the dish
And my best spoon
Are playing hide and seek
Just behind the moon
Waiting there until
It's time to show
Spring is like that now
Far beneath the snow
Hiding in the place
Where the lost things go

Time to close your eyes
So sleep can come around
For when you dream you'll find
All that's lost is found

Maybe on the moon
Or maybe somewhere new
Maybe all you're missing lives inside of you

So when you need her touch
And loving gaze
Gone but not forgotten
Is the perfect phrase

Smiling from a star
That she makes glow
Trust she's always there
Watching as you grow

Find her in the place
Where the lost things go

The Place Where Lost Things Go lyrics
© Walt Disney Music Company ...  Read More

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Bette Midler will sing “The Place Where Lost Things Go” from “Mary Poppins Returns” At The Oscars

Bette Midler will sing “The Place Where Lost Things Go” from “Mary Poppins Returns” At The Oscars
FEBRUARY 16, 2019 

Bette Midler will perform “The Place Where Lost Things Go” at the Oscar ceremonies on Feb. 24, Variety has learned.

Midler, a longtime friend of composer-lyricist Marc Shaiman, will sing the song originally performed by Emily Blunt in “Mary Poppins Returns.” The song, by Shaiman and his lyricist partner Scott Wittman, is one of five nominees for best original song.

The Academy teased this on Jan. 31 by tweeting, “SPOILER ALERT: It will be performed by a surprise special guest.”

This was in the aftermath of a Variety report about the original plan, which was to perform only two of the five nominated songs (“Shallow” from “A Star Is Born” and “All the Stars” from “Black Panther”). The backlash resulted in the Academy’s decision to perform all five nominated songs, including the one from “Mary Poppins Returns.” ...  Read More

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‘Wicked’, The Film Adaption, Coming In 2021: See The Rumored Casting

10 Daily
‘Wicked’ Movie Gets 2021 Release Date
By CBS News
Fri 08 Feb 2019

Bette Midler at the Tony Awards 2016

Mister D: Looking around on the internet, these names have come up, too: Annaleigh Ashford, Arianna Grande, Nathan Lane, and my, oh my, Adam Sandler. I have never seen the musical, so I’m not really sure who’s suited to play whichever character. But I know a lot of BetteHeads who love ‘Wicked’ and anything to do with theater. If you want, tell me about all these stars and what role they should play in the comments below

The winds have changed — again — for the long-awaited film version of the smash-hit musical ‘Wicked.’

Universal Pictures revealed on Friday that the film will land in US theatres on December 22, 2021 — two years after its original release date. ...  Read More

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Ann Wilson Covers ‘You Don’t Own Me’ On Her Latest Album, ‘Immortal’

Ann Wilson Covers ‘You Don’t Own Me’ On Her Latest Album, ‘Immortal’
FEBRUARY 14, 2019

Ann Wilson covers You Don't Own Me

Mister D: I used to put up audio of other artists singing the same songs that Bette Midler recorded or sang in concert. Some were better than her version, but really I can only think of maybe two or three where I liked another artists version over hers. (See, I can be objective!) Sometimes other versions were so bad you just got a kick out of it. Some were funny. Some versions were so different that they were interesting. I liked finding the original versions just to see how Bette made it her own. I’m going to do this because I enjoy it, but I hope some of you will, too, You might find a new or old artist that you’ve never heard and become a new fan of theirs.

This Ann Wilson cover of “You Don’t Own Me” is given quite a different arrangement than the original version by Leslie Gore. And it’s very different than Midler’s. Hawn’s, and Keaton’s uplifting version that Marc Shaiman arranged. Bette and the Girl’s version is still my favorite, but I’m a big fan of Heart and I liked how Ann Wison shook it up a little to fit her style.

But music really is so subjective. If you’d like to make any comments on what you think, it might be fun to hear how others feel about the music.
 ...  Read More

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Why Springsteen Stopped Midler From Releasing Her Version Of “Pink Cadillac”

E Street Shuffle
Bette Midler Covers Springsteen’s Pink Cadillac
By Ken

Bette Midler Art

Mister D: I remember so vividly when I heard that Springsteen nixed this song, I was livid. I loved Bette’s version and I thought it should be a single right off the bat. It was after The Rose and she had built up credibility that she could sing rock and the blues with the best of them. I thought finally this would shut those DJ’s up who thought she was only a ballad singer, Of course, she substituted this song with “Beast Of Burden” which, frankly, outdid The Rolling Stone’s version and her onstage version was epic, She brought rock, cabaret, and theater and packed it into one hell of a cover version. But, the label made a mistake, in my opinion, by not releasing this first. I loved All I Need To Know and I thought it should have been the second single. I think the album No Frills would have sold more and not been such a disappointment. Now, I’m all Pissed Again!

Bruce is known for being exceptionally generous with his music, allowing other artists to cover and re-interpret his music with such frequency that it’s almost impossible to keep track of the various covers that are out there. ...  Read More

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Friday, February 15, 2019

Wish Marc Shaiman & Scott Wittman Good Luck – They’re Up For Oscars – Mary Poppins Returns

Los Angeles Times
Wish Marc Shaiman & Scott Wittman Good Luck – They’re Up For Oscars – Mary Poppins Returns
FEB 15, 2019

Scott Wittman and Marc Shaiman Up For Oscars - Mary Poppins

Mister D: I’d just like to send out a special thank you, good luck, and a break a leg to Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman if they happen upon this. They are so overdue in my opinion for an Oscar. Both so kind, witty, and yes, humble, but also, so uniquely talented beyond belief. I’ve briefly met Scott twice and he was very cordial, but Marc seems to be the real social butterfly. Talked to him for a while with Nathan Lane at one of Bette’s Hulaweens. We were all quite soused and had a few laughs. Marc has always helped me whenever I asked for help with Bootleg Betty. I mean I never inundated him, just not my style, but he always came through, and oddly enough I was able to help him out a couple of times. Just very nice. He has a perpetual smile on his face that is so endearing. So here’s to Mary Poppins.

Half a century after his 4-year-old self obsessed over the “Mary Poppins” soundtrack album while lying on his stomach next to the family record player, Marc Shaiman became fixated on writing the music for director Rob Marshall’s sequel “Mary Poppins Returns.” The competition was stiff, but Shaiman had a leg up because he’d already documented his passion for the original 1964 movie. ...  Read More

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Thursday, February 14, 2019

How to Celebrate Female Friendships on Galentine’s Day

How to Celebrate Female Friendships on Galentine’s Day
FEBRUARY 13, 2019

Bette Midler and Barbara Hershey in Beaches

Galentine’s Day is here to remind you that romantic relationships come and go, but friends are forever.

Coined by Leslie Knope on NBC’s “Parks and Recreation,” Feb. 13 has become a day for leaving your partners at home and honoring sisterhood over breakfast food. “It’s like Lilith Fair, minus the angst. Plus frittatas,” says our favorite overachiever.

In honor of the recently-spawned holiday, Variety has compiled a list of some of the best female friendship films, including everything from “Thelma & Louise” to “Girls Trip.” Each show or film also passes the Bechdel Test, so in the words of “Golden Girls” star Blanche Devereaux, “I’ve been having a good time, and there wasn’t even a man in the room.” ...  Read More

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Video: Bette Midler Guests On David Letterman (Full Show) – February 15, 1999

Bette Midler on the David Letterman Show

LATE SHOW with David Letterman February 15, 1999, Bette Midler, David Hyde Pierce (FULL SHOW) Bette sings Lullabye In Blue

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Bette Midler Closes Down Her Official Website And Facebook Page

Bette Midler portrait

Earlier in the week, I had heard from others that Bette Midler had closed down her official site, and then soon after, I was asked about her Facebook page. The Facebook page was definitely gone, but with her Official Site, it was up with just her signature in white on a black background. I thought maybe it was being used as a placeholder as they worked on maybe a new design.

Then I remembered, well I don’t need to guess, I’ll just email. LOL So I emailed and got a verification that yes her website and Facebook site were no longer. I asked “why?” and was told lack of traffic. Fair enough. Her website was static in that there were hardly any new changes made to it to keep you coming back. So I can see why they would just rather let it go. The same thing applied to her Facebook page. Anyway, people are starting to leave that platform in droves.  ...  Read More

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Sunday, February 10, 2019

Video: The Cher Show With Bette Midler, Elton John, And Flip Wilson – Complete – 1975

Bette Midler and Cher 1975

The Cher Show With Bette Midler, Elton John, And Flip Wilson

Now this is what a TV special is supposed to be like!  On February 12, 1975, a Wednesday night, CBS pulled off quite a coup when Cher hosted a gala telecast with Bette Midler and Elton John as her guests (comedian Flip Wilson too) – three fledgling superstars, all of them gay icons, together on network TV.  They were all about the same age – Midler was just 29, Cher 28 and Elton was one month from turning 28.  Cher, however, was clearly the veteran as she’d been in the public eye since she and Sonny married and had a #1 song with I Got You Babe ten years earlier. Among the performances, Cher sang Bennie & the Jets with Elton and did a “Trashy Ladies Medley” with the Divine Miss M.  But perhaps the highlight was their medley of Motown hits (e.g. Proud Mary, Ain’t No Mountain High Enough) shown in the following clip:    ...  Read More

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