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Reba’s Got A Dream List of Guests

These are folks she’d like to have on her TV show
By Neil Haislop, Country Forever Productions

NASHVILLE, TN Thursday 9.26.2002 / — Country superstar Reba McEntire has a wish list of people she would like to have on her TV sitcom “Reba”.

Reba is much more involved in the production and writing of her show this year and she may have a say in who is asked to guest star.

Who’d she like? Garth Brooks, Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, Sally Field and Bette Midler.

Reba hasn’t had much time to devote to country music because the show takes up all of her energy these days. She promises to take the time to record a new album….whenever she can.

HHHMMMMM!!!!!….Maybe Reba should have Bette and Sally on together to duke it out for that 1979 Oscar statuette…wonder who would win that match?:-)

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