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Ex Talking Heads Members, But Current Tom Tom Club Talk 2 Songs Rejected for Bette’s “Bette”

Editor’s Note: I always find it interesting the songs that Miss M has turned down or had to withhold due to whatever reason. Here is an article that talks about two songs written for Midler, but ended up being on the Tom Tom Club’s latest record. I’ll post the 2 songs if there is enough interest….

The album has been about two and a half years in the making “We weren’t even thinking at the time of doing a new Tom Tom Club record,” Tina explains. “We were working on a retrospective, like a greatest hits because so much of our stuff was out of print. That got killed, legal business, and we’d done these two songs which were originally written for, of all people, Bette Midler. “Who Feelin It” and “Happiness Can’t Buy Money” we started for Bette. She came by and she liked the songs but they weren’t finished, I mean instrumentally they were what you hear on the album, but the lyrics weren’t finished because we had been trying to get her back into song writing. We said ‘come on, we’ve got to get you to write’ but she just didn’t have the time, so we said ‘OK, we’re going to finish them up for ourselves.’ When the retrospective project was killed by lawyers we said well they’re such good songs, what we’ll do is we’ll make a new Tom Tom Club record and we’ll start with these two.”

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