Mister D Has Flu…But There’s Still Much You Can Do!!!!

Sorry for the slow period ladies and germs. I’ve been taken down a notch or two with some kind of virus which disables my Bette research skills:-) In the meantime, Snook has made some special Bette Halloween E-Cards that you can send to all your pallies…and you can even put music on them. So please take advantage of this opportunity to spread Bette around the internet….

I have much more planned for the site…but unfortunately it all remains in my head at the moment. Just trying to make this a place for you to visit daily and get something out of it….but only time will tell…

Thanks to everybody who’d been so kind to drop me a line and taking time to make comments. I’m really having fun with all this and if some of ya’ll are enjoying it, then it makes it even that more special….

See you in a day or two….wish me luck getting over this crap!!!:-)

Love, Mister D (Don)

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