An Update on Hulaween from Brian

Although Brian didn’t get to go to Hulaween, he did organize Bettefest and so he had access to friends who went to Bette’s fundraiser. This is what he could tell me. So from his e-mail to my column, here goes:

Here’s the report I got on Hulaween . . .

-Ukulele Lady
-Color of Roses
-Hawaiian War Chat w/ sing-along
-Poi balls . . . threw them at the crowd
-“I heard Lil’ Kim is strutting around in pasties singing dirty songs.
Bitch didn’t even thank me” (or something to that effect)
-new 9/11 song that was very beautiful
-Wind Beneath My Wings
-“the only fun song I know” Chapel of Love

There was evidently no mingling (on Bette’s part), no chatting, very few
stars, no Soph jokes, mosly one liners, but SHE LOOKED GOOD!

Brian’s word on Bettefest was that it was a success:

The event last night was FANTASTIC. I was very presently surprised. We sold out the house — had a little over 150 people in attendance. Everyone laughed and clapped and had a fabulous time. My stress can end!! We ended up raising around $550 for NYRP from the ticket sales.

That’s all I could get for now folk…hope that tides you over. And mucho thanks to Brian for checking in and giving us something to chew on.

Don’t forget Bette’s next appearance will be at a Charity for Katie Couric on Nov 12th….see article a little below. I’m still wondering what she will sing from West Side Story…Hope it’s “Somewhere”.

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