Bette Creates Mask For PreVUE 2002

MASK SEASON: Microsoft and Masin’s are two Eastside companies creating masks for PreVUE 2002, a gala peek at the Seattle Interior Design show coming up Oct 30. As befitting this time of year, elegant over-the-top masks have been created by stars like Joan Rivers, whose mask, “Eggscellent,” is encrusted with her signature jewelry and Faberge reproduction eggs.

Masin’s features a Venetian carnival theme, while Starbuck’s mask spotlights a character named Bianca Beanhive, whose mile-high hairdo is all coffeebeans. Bette Midler’s “divine Miss Liberty” creation is pink and white and feathery. Microsoft’s is not designed by a project engineer. They commissioned an artist to do the job, using the famous MSN butterfly.

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