Beth Nielsen Chapman Discussing “The Color of Roses”

Mister D: I found this today while surfing the internet. Beth Nielson Chapman discussing the song and how it came to be and then Bette Midler recording it. I thought some of you might find it interesting…:

“The Color Of Roses was written with Matt Rollings; it was very subliminal in terms of the way the lyric presented itself. The vowels seemed to have been lined up in place on the early work tapes where I tend to just sing nonsense syllables prior to having lyrics. I noticed this after the lyric was finished and happened to hear an old work tape from months before. I love what this song says. That to believe is to manifest, and that in spite of all we must grieve, there is incredible hope and beauty in life.”
Beth Nielsen Chapman
Quote source: Track by track

Bette Midler covered this song on her album Bette (2000)
This song was featured on Bette Midler’s TV show, Bette, 15 November 2000

On Bette Midler:

Bette Midler Covers The Color Of Roses
Bette Midler had planned to record some of Beth’s songs earlier this year but an unexpected snow storm closed the airport and Bette had to postpone her trip to Nashville. A few weeks later, Bette did eventually make it to Nashville where she met up with Beth and Annie Roboff. Bette recorded a cover of The Color Of Roses and you can hear the results for yourself on her new album, Bette. It’s out now.

Mister D: Ah!!! So Bette records here sometimes!!! Actually, she does have friends that live here, so every once in awhile she pops in…

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