Please Read and Sign Petition For These Bette Songs To Be Released…

Mister D: Darrell has set this petition up on his website. I’m making a link here to make it real easy at the Bottom of this post. To read more about the songs, please visit Bette On The Boards

To: Atlantic Records.
In 1976, Moogy Klingman produced the Bette Midler Album, “Songs For The New
Depression”. Several of the songs recorded during that time were never
released. Others were modified and edited from the original versions.

For over 25 years these recordings have languished in the vaults of Altantic
records, unheard by an audience who would truly appreciate them. Therefore,
we are requesting that ownership of the following master tapes be reverted
back to Moogy Klingman, so that the songs can be released as they were
originally intended:

My Freedom And I
Hello Stranger / Strangers In The Night
I Had To Resort To Beauty
Hey Bobby
Strangers In The Night
Young Americans/Day In The Life
Oh Jerusalem
Blue Rondo A La Turk
Fiesta In Rio
Buckets Of Rain
I Don’t Want The Night To End

Thank you for your time and consideration.


The Undersigned

Link to the Petition: Sign The Petition

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