How Bette lost eight pounds in one month

Mister D: Found this from Ladie Home Journal on-line. Not sure how old this article is, but, hey, 8 pounds is 8 pounds, and a diet is a diet:

“I got frightened. Five pounds on me is a lot, it means that I can’t wear anything. It means I have to face overalls again,” says Midler. “So this is what I did:”

For one month, I didn’t eat any carbs.

I drank no wine or other alcohol. That’s how I put weight on in the first place, drinking over the holidays.

I bought this Spirutein powder, a high-protein supplement at the health-food store. I mix it with orange juice, ice and a couple of strawberries, and it is very filling.

No Perrier or carbonated water. I don’t have gas anymore, I’m not bloated, I’m not anything. I love it.

–Melina Gerosa

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