Yep: She’s A Bette Fan

American Idol finalist Vanessa Olivarez sings with sass, but she’s better known for being told to “lose a few pounds” by judge Simon Cowell. TV Guide Online rang up the 21-year-old Latina singer — who says she only wears “a size 6 in dresses,” by the way — to ask her Seven Silly li’l questions. The aspiring Idol’s responses were colorful ones, to say the least! — Daniel R. Coleridge

TV Guide Online: Vanessa, have you considered hair colors other than pink to avoid comparisons to, um, that other pop idol, Pink?Vanessa: Um… I was thinking of purple. Or maybe teal, although I’m scared what that might come out looking like. But I want to look like the sea!

TVGO: Would you like to help usher in an era of healthier-looking female idols?Vanessa: Yeah, I think girls need more heroes who look like them. Not everybody has a perfect body. Though I’m proud of my butt!

TVGO: No one told Ruben to lose weight, but Simon singled you out. Do you plan to listen to that snarky advice? And if so, what workout/diet plan do you intend to follow?Vanessa: Yeah, I knew I needed to lose a few pounds. My weight fluctuates like you wouldn’t believe. I could gain or lose 10 pounds in a week and a half. I know that sounds weird, but that’s how my body is. I will probably go back on the Atkins diet. It’s for a quick fix, though. You don’t stay on that.

TVGO: You’ve said Bette Midler is one of your idols. Which of the Divine Miz M’s songs do you most want to cover?Vanessa: (laughs) “Otto Titsling.” Did you see the movie Beaches? It’s my favorite!

TVGO: Your impersonation of Kevin — “the worst singer in the world” — was dead on. Will you do your impersonation of Rickey for me during this interview?Vanessa: “Her-cu-lees! Her-cu-lees!” I don’t know, he does it much better. Has he done an impression of me for you? Call me back and let me know when he does! I want to hear it.

TVGO: Sure! Hey, the judges seem especially hard to please this season, like they haven’t gotten enough sleep the night before auditions. Nothing excites them. Discuss.
Vanessa: I think we’re pretty fabulous, between our songs and our personalities. But if they’re spending $3 million on somebody, I guess they’d better be impressed by you. So it’s just business… That’s how I look at it.

TVGO: How many times did you have to hear Kelly Clarkson’s “A Moment Like This” on the radio before you were sick of it?
Vanessa: (groans) Not too many. It’s a good song, but it’s a little too Mariah for me.

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