The Bette Midler Paper Doll

Thought some of ya’ll might get a kick out of seeing the paper doll of Bette from Tom Tierney’s Glamourous Movie Stars of the Eighties Paper Dolls…there are others in there, too, such as Cher, Michelle Pffieffer, Me…(tee hee)…to get the book check out or…

Once again, we’d like to thank Penny for the heads up on this fun little thing. She comes with 2 other outfits…one from Outrageous Fortune and one from Beaches (the black gown)…altho they have the latter as being from “Jinxed”….OY!!!!

I need to make this a little longer for something is wron with the boundaries. Here I sit typing along for no reason at all just to see if this works. Please forgive the inanity of it all:-) Ok That should do it…

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