When In Doubt…Get Bruce!!!

There have been some questions about Bette being born in New Jersey or Hawaii…I have always seen this confusion in print. Anyway, I wrote Mister V to clear it all up so no fights break out:-) I know how volatile some Bette fans can be…and Mama Rose and Sara were right in their comments…

The facts: Bette was born in Honolulu, Hawaii….but her parents came from Paterson, New Jersey and moved to Hawaii in the 30’s. So alas, Bette is not “really” a New Jersey girl. Howver, Mister V said some of her family did stay behind….

Trivia: Mister V was born in Paterson, NJ and his father once dated Bette’s mom…now that is news!!!!:-)

Hope this clears some of this up….

Love. Mister D

P.S.: Wish I could remember where I found this drawing/painting to give credit…hopefully they will write:-)

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