UpDates, The Tony Awards Tonight, NYRP and Me…Mister D


Hey guys and gals:

I missed ya’ll, but if you did check the site you know I did put a few things up during my sabbatical…couldn’t help myself…

Regular Updates have been made…both music sections are up…

This Week’s Poll:
Who Will Be The Female Duet Partner On Miss M’s Clooney Tribute CD?

Last week’s poll results are in: What Musical Would You Like To See Bette Perform In? (Stage or Screen)….the winner was that Bette perform in an original musical written for stage or screen by Bruce Vilanch, Marc Shaiman, and Scott Wittman….second and third place were, “Mame”, and Bette reprising her role of Mama Rose of Gypsy. ….. Move over Bernadette!!!…

Speaking of the Tony Awards: Bernadette Peters will be performing Rose’s Turn live, which should be a treat. I happen to really like Ms. Peters, but I can’t imagine her topping Miss M’s performance of that song….

Also Marc Shaiman and Scott Whitman’s musical, “Hairspray is up for a gazillion awards and I think they will win big time. Maybe Bette will show up since Martin’s an investor:-)

Remember NYRP will be throwing their “I Like New York In June” Spring picnic this Wednesday, June 11th, 2003. Those of you going who have the “gene” that likes to share….please send me a detailed account of the event and pics if you have any. That would be very much appreciated by all of us who can’t attend.

I know I took a lot of time off…more than usual, but things did not quite go as I had planned….when do they? Certain things came up and prevented me from accomplishing some of the goal I had wanted to attain…so I will be keeping a rather low profile this week, too.

I have gotten quite a volume of e-mail and I plan on writing both of you soon:-) No, I know some of you have written and sent me things and I have not gotten back to you. Please forgive me…I promise it’s not personal and I do so appreciate the e-mail…I’ll be getting with you soon…I’m gonna have to come up with some type of system…

Love, Mister D

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