Stepford Wives Update: I Was Right First Time Around-Connecticut Will Be A Filming Location


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“I’m going to Stepford, girlfriend!”

Things Stepping Up In Stepford
The Hartford Courant
June 12, 2003

Things are starting to look a little bit different in the town of Stepford, where men are men and women are robots.

The remake of “The Stepford Wives,” which will start production in Norwalk and New Canaan this summer (besides New York), has two replacement stars. Bette Midler will take the place of the originally announced Joan Cusack in the role of Bobbie Markowe, who plays the best friend to Nicole Kidman’s character, Joanna Eberhart. Matthew Broderick will replace John Cusack as Walter Eberhart, Joanna’s husband.

The reason for the Cusacks’ departure was given as “personal.” However, it may have been because of the illness and death of their father, actor Richard Cusack, who died June 2 of cancer at 77.

Chat rooms are buzzing with comments about how they love the new replacements (“Bette’s divine”) or hate them (“Bette’s too old”).

And there are fears it will be too campy and more like a black comedy.

But they’re talking about it.

So let’s recap, shall we? Besides Kidman, Midler and Broderick, there also will be Glenn Close, Christopher Walken, Faith Hill and Roger Bart.

Don’t know about you, but Java plans to camp near the set for a few days to see the stars. If it means I have to shlep coffee to Guy Ortoleva, director of the Connecticut Film Office, and be an obedient robotic reporter, so be it.

His office has heard from “an incredible number of people who want to be extras.”

Unfortunately, there won’t be any casting calls in Connecticut.

But there are production jobs and a production workshop scheduled soon in Norwalk.

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