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Sketch: Sammy Miro

What the F**k else could you possibly want???? Now that my Diva fit is over, as Little D so politely informed me, I have been very productive and done all my little update duties…For Now!!!:-)

New Poll To Go: If You Had To Choose, Which Of These Harlettes Would U Like To See In Bette’s New Tour? Yeah, it’s reaching, I know, but I wanted to make you work! Last week’s pole winner, even tho she don’t prefer those, was Ms. k.d. lang…..yes, you picked her as to whom you thought Bette would be singing a Clooney duet with…Linda Ronstadt came in a close second….wouldn’t that be funny if it were Charo!!! goochy goochy!!!

Mister V’s site is up: We Got Bruce

Lot’s of good info there….he has kind of cleared up the rumour of “The Meddlers” movie, and he even let us know about a teeny accident he had…NOBODY knows but us!!!

New Songs Are Up in the Jukebox…

And in Bootleg Betty Records…check out other artists and their versions of Bette songs…this week I included, Marshall Crenshaw performing his own “Favorite Waste of Time”, Deja Vu’s cover of “To Deserve You”, Yvonne Fair’s take on “It Should’ve Been Me, and my own retro version (with lots of reverb) of “Let It Be Me” recorded by myself on piano and vocals in 1996…yes I dug it up!!!…and it is so sad…and in SO MANY WAYS!!!

Darrell has updated his boards on Bette On The Boards …the concert hall, more mags, and more vids…the guy is almighty…

I think that may be it…more links to NYRP and articles and pics from the Spring Gala recently….lots of nice people shared pics…Jamie, Kris, and Nicola…

Babydivine Jane, sick with flu, wrote a funny, but in depth review of a Bette tribute she went to recently…

So check it all out….

And Bette is now busy in “Stepford”……oooohhhhhh!!!!!

Love, Mister D

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