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Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Updates Are Done: July 30th, 2003

New Bette Music Up New Booleg Betty Covers Music Up FOUR New Polls Up Stepford Updates Fans Come to Bette’s Rescue After the VH1 Snafu and Bette is top vote-getter in USA Today for the overlooked….way to go, folk!!!! Bruce got shaved and tour info is out!!!! Not Confirmed, But the Bette CD may be a double player….that would be something to cheer about! Enough Talk…Get Reading, Voting, and Listening! Love, Mister D
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Looking Back

BetteApt.jpg Look Back In the early days, Bette Midler was feathering her nest as the Divine Miss M. Byline: Jeryl Brunner Publication: In Style Issue: August 2003 Vol. 10 No. 9 Publication Date: 08-01-2003 Page: 272 Section: Look Back 1972 “I’ve never really had a home,” Bette Midler confessed after she had moved into this Greenwich Village brownstone. Midler was newly flush after the success of her debut album, The Divine Miss M. But the singer, who went on to snag a Grammy for best new artist the following year, had already found a place to roost: at New York City’s all-male Continental Baths. Her flamboyant costumes–turbans, halter tops, and forties gowns found at thrift shops–lent her diva status among the towel- clad crowd, and her eclectic song repertoire, including the future hits “Do You Want to Dance?” and “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy,” earned her a cult following. “The essence of who I am was created in that hothouse environment,” she later said. “I was able to take chances on that stage that I could never have taken anywhere else.” Not even at home. –Jeryl Brunner Illustration/Photos: COLOR PHOTO: DOUGLAS KIRKLAND
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Where Does Bette Buy Her Buds?

ZEZE FLOWERS, N.Y.C. KNOWN FOR Stunning classic bouquets–including Victorian and rustic- country motifs–are assembled under the watchful eye of owner Zeze. A recent extravaganza mixed mock oranges, flowering branches, clematis and tuberose in a porcelain vase. BUD BUYERS Katie Couric, =&0=&, Richard Gere, Sting THE BUNCH Couric likes fragrant, romantic flowers and has ordered this mix of anemones, lilacs, hydrangeas, delphinium, lavender, yellow roses and white peonies, $300; 212-753-7767. In Style, 08-01-2003, pp 177.
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Who Says We Can’t Make A Difference?

From today’s Pop Candy Column in USA Today==Look’s like some of Bootleg Betty readers made a difference and one gets quoted….way to go Albert!!!:-) “Who’s missing from VH1’s list of the top 200 pop-culture icons?” Top vote getters were the divine =&0=& and “anyone from Star Wars.”: If Bette Midler is not an icon and a trailbazing original without compare, then why bother making a list?” —Albert Guerra, Miami, Fla. Way to go ladies and germs!!!! Love, Mister D
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Between Today and Tomorrow Night

Between Today and Tomorrow Night I will be changing out the music. I will also attempt to have 3 new polling questions so don’t forget to check back and answer all of them. One will remain at the top of the screen….the other 3 you will have to scroll down to answer….this might not work, but we ain’t ever gonna know unless we try….. Love, Mister D
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Hope the Dates on This Article Are Wrong…The tour, the tour!!!

beaches FANTASY.jpg Original Artwork: Tom Miro “Stepford Wives” to start filming Sept. 23 By Lisa Chamoff Staff Writer July 30, 2003 NORWALK – In late September, Nicole Kidman, Matthew Broderick and other movie stars will start descending on the city for filming of the big-budget remake of “The Stepford Wives.” Paramount Pictures is scheduled to begin shooting at the Lockwood-Mathews Mansion Museum on Sept. 23, and is expected to be there until the end of October. The museum will close Aug. 18 for preparation work on the mansion, a National Historic Landmark. The movie will be directed by Frank Oz, and also will star Glenn Close, Christopher Walken and Bette Midler. At a news conference yesterday, representatives from the museum, the Connecticut Historical Commission and the Connecticut Film Office outlined plans for the filming. The movie could potentially bring $75,000 a day into the area, with the purchase of everything from hotel rooms and food to props, said Guy Ortoleva, executive director of the Connecticut Film Office. About 100 cast and crew members will stay for 10 nights at hotels “in the area,” according to Mary Woods of the Coastal Fairfield Conventions and Visitors Bureau. “That can be from Greenwich to Bridgeport.” Woods said her organization is not releasing the names of the hotels for confidentiality purposes, “and also to protect the hotels because they don’t want swarms of people scoping (them) out.” Marjorie St. Aubyn, the museum’s executive director, said there would be little disruption to traffic in the area, since about 20 tractor-trailers being brought in by the crew will arrive before business hours. “We will be a fairly self-contained unit during this time,” St. Aubyn said. Parts of the original version of “The Stepford Wives” were filmed at the mansion in 1975. The mansion will be reprising its role as the Stepford Men’s Association, the club for men who replace their spouses with obedient cyborgs. Paramount will bring in a crew to put down permanent carpeting in the mansion’s music and dining rooms, and on the rotunda staircase. The original wood floor of the rotunda, which is covered in red carpeting, will be restored and the panels from the rotunda’s skylight will have to be taken out individually and cleaned. “That probably hasn’t been cleaned in 60 or 80 years,” said Paul Loether, acting director of the Connecticut Historical Commission. Some walls will be repainted, and plaster molding near the main staircase will be repaired. Loether said preparations for filming in these parts of the mansion are helping the restoration process. “We see this as a way of really benefiting the building, not just using the building,” Loether said. “When Paramount leaves here . . . the building will be better for it.” St. Aubyn said she hopes two marble sculptures that used to be displayed in the mansion’s entrance hallway in its heyday, and now sit at a private collector’s home in Pennsylvania, could be purchased by someone willing to donate them to the museum. The sculptures, “Pocahontas” and “The Wept of Wish-ton-Wish,” would cost $250,000, and Paramount has agreed to pay to transport and insure them. “We would like them in the entrance hallway for this movie,” she said. “Otherwise, what they’ll do is go out and find fake statues. We’d like to bring them home.” Copyright © 2003, Southern Connecticut Newspapers, Inc.
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Tuesday, July 29, 2003


Anybody notice the hairspray cans on the road tour schedule when you click on the state..???? I should be so flattered:-) I was first: get it, got it, good! But, then again, who wouldn’t have thought up something like that. Well, at least I know I’m thinking straight or is it….gay? Love, Mister D
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Hairspray Dates

Bruceoutfest.jpg For more information, check out:=&0=&=&1=&=&2=& =&3=& Sep. 8, 2003 to Sep. 21, 2003 =&4=& Sep. 22, 2003 to Oct. 5, 2003 =&5=& Oct. 6, 2003 to Nov. 2, 2003 =&6=& Nov. 3, 2003 to Nov. 16, 2003 =&7=& Nov. 17, 2003 to Nov. 30, 2003 =&8=& Dec. 2, 2003 to Dec. 14, 2003 =&9=& Dec. 15, 2003 to Feb. 15, 2004 =&10=& Feb. 16, 2004 to Mar. 7, 2004 =&11=& Mar. 9, 2004 to Mar. 21, 2004 =&12=& Apr. 12, 2004 to Apr. 25, 2004 =&13=& Apr. 26, 2004 to Jul. 4, 2004 =&14=& Jul. 5, 2004 to Jul. 18, 2004 =&15=& Jul. 20, 2004 to Sep. 5, 2004
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A Double CD?

According to in their article about Barry Manilow breaking hs nose, the CD Ms. Midler is recording is a double….I’m trying to get this verified….
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Monday, July 28, 2003

Midler Matter Group: Too Much Trouble…

midlermatters.gif That idea was worse than what i was doing already and seemed like I would be doubling my work. I apologize to those who went to the trouble to join, but I really did appreciate it. The old system was working; I will just have to set my own limits as to when to answer e-mails and comments…please don’t take it personally…it may take a while to get back with you…. So now, everybody go back to whatever group you feel comfortable with and pray to God above I don’t have another brainstorm like that. If I do please stop me:-) Anybody that knows me will see this as absolutely normal for me. For some this will just play into their wicked little minds of how they perceive me…and to both of them I say….have a heyday talking about me:-) See ya’ll on the flip side…. Love, Mister D P.S. And yes, Midler Matters! I just couldn’t let Darrell’s work on this pic go to waste…
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