If You Cant’t Stand The Heat Boys…!!!

Mister D: This tid-bette came from Mr. Moderator of the Official Bette Club himself, Brian “Bettefest” Heck or as most of us affectionately call him: “kumquatboy.” I thank you very much for this, Brian…Both Brian and I agree we’d give our right arm, (ok, let’s make it the left arm…for personal reasons) to work on this project:

A top-secret inside source at Sony Music says that recording is not yet finished for the new album and they aren’t even near the song selection stage. Miss M has done one photo shoot and will soon do another (at her own request) for promos and album art. She wants the cover of the as-yet-untitled album to have her photo with the ghost of Rosemary Clooney looking over her shoulder. Evidently staffers in the art department aren’t leaping at the chance to work on the project since Miss M is a well-known perfectionist, especially when it comes to their work.

Brian “kumquatboy” Heck, July 1, 2003

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