Updates for Sept 23, 2003

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Artist: Tom Miro

This update is going to be a little askew…which, to me, means not quite right:-)

I have some new music up in both sections…enjoy…it’ pretty eclectic this time in the covers section…Dave Frishberg (jazz), Cher (cher), Leslie Garrett (opera)…and a bonus track of me singing, “Guitly” by Randy Newman and I play all that you hear…Barry produced and did do the drum part…so touch me…I’m hot:-)….Hope you have fun with this batch…

No new polls up yet…my mind is totally fried and I can’t think of a thing…any suggestions would be welcome. Even mean, nasty ones!

Sorry for the delay about my meeting with Mr. Vilanch. I’m really trying to write a diary of my trip to Baltimore, and of course, he is the highlight, but since this is my first original piece, I’m trying to make it entertaining…I even have a concept…there will be pics and everything…the whole thing is turning into a Vanity Fair article that never ends. Darrell and Barry have helped me out with my concept…I just have to finish the dang story…at least it should be visually entertaining…

I will send out an update when this is posted. It will be on Mr. Vilanch’s site: www.wegotbruce.com Actually it’s my site…just to keep Mister V out of trouble:-) He has nothing to do with it, except to watch it grow in horror!!!…LOL

As many of you know by now, Bette will be on The Today Show 9-30-03 and 10-01-03…the latter date she is supposed to sing live on the plaza….word has it that Barry Manilow will be along for the ride….

Also, just found out they filmed a dance scene for “The Stepford Wives”, but Ms. Adams says there is trouble on the set…but it doen’t involve Bette. Now, it’s supposedly Matthew and Nicloe…hard to believe that, IMO

If you haven’t pre-ordered your CD of Bette yet, what are you waiting for???? Do it Now….!!!!

Also invites are out for Hulaween with Donna Summer being the featured guest…don’t have a clue who the surprise auctioneer might be…do you?

AND, if “Hairspray” is coming to your town or near you, grab tickets when you can…I promise you this musical is the ticket. You will leave with a smile on your face and a song in your heart…it’s quite an experience!

Toodles for now….

Love. Mister D

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