The “Today Show” Appearance for Tuesday

Mister D: Thanks for the detail my little Maniloonie:

It was about 8 minutes long, and had been taped sometime before today. She
wasn’t in the studio today. From my scribbled notes:

Bette met Rosie in the early 80s and she was wonderful to Bette. Her voice was
honey. She had tremendous entonation. A great sense of humor. Just a
wonderful package.

She talks about the songs on the CD. Loves the duets. Always wanted to sing
with Linda Ronstadt. Terrified to sing “White Christmas” because when Rosie
sang it she made it almost impossible for anyone to sing it any better.

Barry called her out fo the blue, and said, “I had a dream.” Bette said,
“Pardon me?” He dreamed that she sang Rosie songs, and he was the producer. When he said that, everything just fell into place. He’s a terrific producer, a great friend, and a wonderful arranger.

She let Barry choose the songs. This was the first time in her career when she didn’t fight. She didn’t answer back. She’s big at answering back. She was so tired of putting her two centsin she said, “Barry, whatever you say.” And he was right.

The cute exchange before “On A Slow Boat…” was Barry’s idea. It’s very much
like what they are. It’s like the Rosemary & Bing Crosby flirtatiousness. She
said, “Barry, I don’t want to flirt with you. I really miss you as a music
director, but I’m a married woman.” (She and Katie were really laughing here.)

He said, “Well, we’ll make it about me coming back as your employee.” Bette
said they finally buried the hatchet because he left her to have his own
career. She was mad. “It was me who was P.O’d. How could he leave ME?!

Then he had a career! The nerve! The crust!” But it was a big career, and he’s
still going strong, and he’s had a great time, and he’s earned everything.

She talks about the NY Restoration Project. People deserve and need for their
own mental health, a place to recreate themselves. A place to be calm, and sit
in nature because nature is the thing that recharges your batteries.

The tribute to Rosie recharged her creative battery. “I think it’s a terrific
record. I had the best time. I hope she’s looking down & having a big smile
because it was an incredible life, an incredible career. But the main thing is
she was a very successful human being. She was a big soul.”

Thanks again to my little elf:-) Incredible…

Love, Mister D

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