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Sunday, November 30, 2003

For The U.K. Fans and More

Laura from the Yuk, I mean, UK:-) wanted me to remind you chaps that Jay Leno with Bette will air tonight at 10:00PM on FNL…so do what you do there and don’t miss it….it’s a very fun, energetic appearance. On the US front…Oxygen Channel will give you the chance to see Bette’s appeareance on Ellen if you missed it the first time around…check your local listings for times…(thanks for the reminder Manilow Elf) In other news: Carson from Queer Eye will be interviewing Bette in his column in US Weekly next issue, according to Liz Smith. Last week it was Babs…present issue Cher…next issue Bette. After that, if he gets Liza and Madonna…well his column goes poof!….LOL Love, Mister D
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Friday, November 28, 2003

New Pics of Bette…

I’ve put up new pics of Bette in the scrapbook under films and television from her recent appearances on Mr. Leno and Ms. DeGeneres’ respective shows…there are about 3 from each show….there’s one stray Leno pic (total of 3)…maybe 4 from DeGeneres. Hope everyone had a great and safe Holiday…
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Bette’s Old Manager, Aaron Russo, Runs for President

Aaron Russo (California) Colorful and wealthy Hollywood movie producer Aaron Russo has flirted with political runs for office in recent years. Although a longtime supporter of the Libertarian Party, he ran as a candidate for Nevada Governor in the 1998 Republican primary (garnering a decent 26% in the four-way race). Russo announced a second run in 2002 for Nevada Governor as the Libertarian Party candidate, but quit the race when he was diagnosed with cancer. Now, after cancer treatments, Russo is making an Independent run for President in 2004. In Hollywood, Russo produced such blockbusters as The Rose (1979) and Trading Places (1983) during his Hollywood career. All in all, his movies earned six Oscars and two Golden Globe awards. As in his past runs, his strong support for legalizing medical marijuana is likely to be a top concern. However, his central focus is what he decries is a post 9-11 reduction of individual freedom in the US. “We’re being deceived, suckered into this indoctrination of the federal government I can’t make this stuff up….thanks to Sara, The Divine Nanny, for this tidbit…
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The Larry King Transcript

For those of you who missed the Larry King show…here’s a link to the transcript. At the bottom of the transcript is a number where you can order the videotape of the telecast: Bette Midler on Larry King: November 26th, 2003 Thanks to Manilow Elf!
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Billboard Charts: December 6th, 2003 edition

Here are Bette’s positions on the charts. Remember that these figures were tallied before her media onslaught this week…I would expect a rise on the charts in the next issue. Top Internet Albums Issue Date: December 6, 2003: Bette falls from number 10 to Number 17 The Billboard 200 Issue Date: December 6, 2003: Bette falls from 68 to Number 82
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Wednesday, November 26, 2003

NYRP: Larry King Just In Time…

=&0=& The divine Bette Midler is never shy. The legendary entertainer joins Larry to talk about it all and to take your phone calls. Tune in at 9 p.m. ET for the in-depth and personal interview. Larry King Live: The Life and Times of Bette Midler Wednesday, November 26 9 p.m. ET on CNN Love, Mister D
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Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Bette Appearances Update…And Happy Thanksgiving!

BaltoBoy Bette Scans 158.jpg Photo Montage by BaltoBoy Steve Just a reminder to everyone that Bette will be on Jay Leno Tonight…Nov 25th She will also be on the Ellen Degeneres talk show tomorrow…Nov. 26th…. Also, looks like the Larry King Q &A will happen tomorrow night also…Nov 26th. Mr. King has nothing about it on his website…all that is listed there is a barrage of Michael Jackson pundits…However, my new friend, Cathy (thanks to the Bette-Donna Summer connection) said that she was watching Larry King tonight and he said Bette would be dropping in to talk and to answer phone in questions….so tune in just to be safe… Also, there will be the Barry Manilow Christmas special Dec. 5th on A&E…I’ll remind everyone again once the date gets closer…. I apologize for all the updates and stuff….but, like I have said, with these tickets going on sale for Bette’s tour…I’m just trying to get the news out ASAP to everyone when I hear they are going on sale….to be fair and equal… I also posted this message on my Bruce Vilanch site so I might as well share it here, too: Just wanted to peck out the words “Happy Thanksgiving” to everyone in case I get trytophaned to death over the Holiday. Turkey knocks me out cold! Mister Vilanch, bless his heart, amid touring with Hairpray, doing press, and brainstorming with Miss M everyday, has returned to write for his “Notes from a Blond” column for the December 9th issue of The Advocate. This essay is entitlled “Lip service” which focuses on “that kiss” between Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman at the Tony’s and the outrage it caused in some circles…and, believe me, you’ll be surprised where the article takes you….a great piece and a great point. Before you sit down for Turkey talk, go out and grab the issue… Also, thanks to all who participated in Bruce’s Birthday card page….I made it private so that only he could read your e-mails. He’s been so busy, he may have forgotten he had a birthday:-) After awhile, if you’re like me, they’re just another day!…LOL Not really, but I don’t focus so much on the numbers anymore:-) And to those who have not seen Hairspray yet and if it’s coming to a town near you….I promise…you don’t want to miss this. You will leave feeling so good, and what more could you ask for from a night on the town…. That’s it…. Much love, Mister D
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More Tour Updates: STAPLES Center, Los Angeles, CA Presale tomorrow

Bette Midler STAPLES Center, Los Angeles, CA Tue, Feb 24, 2004 8:00pm Internet Onsale Info Onsale to General Public: Mon, 12/08/03, 10:00am Internet Presale Info AMEX GOLD PRESALE: Start: Wed, 11/26/03, 10:00am End: Sat, 12/06/03, 5:00pm Love, Mister D
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Tour Update: Arrowhead Pond of Anaheim, Anaheim, CA…Pre Sale 11-26-03

BETTE 25.jpg Photo: Barbara Sussman Bette Midler Arrowhead Pond of Anaheim, Anaheim, CA Sun, Feb 22, 2004 8:00pm Internet Onsale Info Onsale to General Public: Mon, 12/08/03, 10:00am Internet Presale Info AMEX GOLD PRESALE: Start: Wed, 11/26/03, 10:00am End: Sat, 12/06/03, 5:00pm
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N.Y. chefs lured by the inn crowd Two Big Apple veterans have found happiness running a 300-year-old Salem County spot. By Rita Giordano Inquirer Staff Writer They met at the Sign of the Dove, two young chefs working together at one of the poshest restaurants in the oh-so-posh Manhattan dining scene. The culinary Who’s Who jobs continued – he at the Russian Tea Room, to name one; she at Jean Georges at the Trump International Hotel; and both at the New Leaf Cafe, an uptown eatery backed by =&0=&. Laurence Fishburne’s wedding gala was held there. Glitzy stuff all right, but still they got to pining for a place of their own. At New York real estate prices, though, they were looking at maybe a hot dog cart. Then it happened. A posting on the Internet: an 18th-century inn. In Salem County, South Jersey. For sale. Good-bye, Big Apple. Hello, County Route 540. On Sept. 9, Brian and Joanne Goode became the proud owners and proprietors of Ye Olde Centerton Inn, a pre-Revolutionary War, former stagecoach stop nestled in the heart of New Jersey farmland. Nowadays, instead of catering to the tastes of the rich and famous, Brian is up at 4:30 a.m. baking bread, and Joanne presides over the front desk, graciously greeting such guests as the ladies of the Red Hat Society, local farmers, and visiting businesspeople. Meanwhile, their son, David, 4, is going mano a mano with his new preschool buddies and getting a kick out of monitoring the comings and goings of the chicken truck as it whizzes by. His parents are pretty happy, too. “Walking in and knowing it’s my place is something I’ve wanted a long time,” said Brian, 40. Said Joanne, 38: “I never met a chef who didn’t want to have their own place.” But buying the Centerton Inn wasn’t just a career move. Moving from Manhattan to bucolic Salem County was a huge lifestyle change. Their housing, for starters, and less hassle. In the 15 or so years that they lived in Manhattan, Brian, who is originally from Morristown in North Jersey, and Joanne, who hails from Barrington in Camden County, for a long time owned an East Side studio the size of an afterthought, then rented a bigger place uptown. There were all the joys of New York life, and the headaches – the jockeying for position in a shared laundry room, the blood sport of finding a parking spot. In Centerton, they still rent – an apartment across the street from the inn – but it’s a duplex. “For me being a New Yorker, this is like the Taj Mahal,” Brian said. “I have a washer and dryer in the basement. I have a basement, first of all.” That and a parking spot, noted Joanne. “Those two issues alone have taken a lot of stress out of our lives,” she said. Of course, there are trade-offs. In Manhattan, everything was at their fingertips. There is no Virgin Megastore in downtown Centerton. There is no downtown. “We look at Gloucester County as sort of the seat of civilization,” Brian said. “If I go there I can go to a Commerce Bank. I can buy a CD.” But the happy surprises have been more numerous. They have found people welcoming and warm. When Brian is up early baking, neighbors stop by for coffee and chat. One of them has been helping him ferret out the best produce. Then there’s the inn itself. While its history has not been scrupulously documented – many say it opened in 1706, while others say it was a few decades later – the inn is believed be the oldest continuously operating inn in New Jersey and one of the oldest in the country. The Marquis de Lafayette is said to have planned Revolutionary War strategy there, and Gen. “Mad” Anthony Wayne visited on food-foraging expeditions for Washington’s troops at Valley Forge. “We have ghosts,” Joanne said, sounding pleased at the prospect and more than willing to recount the tale of the three Loyalists allegedly buried under the inn and of the innkeeper’s daughter who took her own life after seeing her beau hanged. Both Goodes have embraced the history of the inn – down to even those well-known peanuts that have been roasted on the premises for decades. Still, some locals were leery about what the New Yorkers would do. Over nearly three centuries, a place has its ups and downs. The inn’s guest rooms haven’t been occupied in many years. But people were quite happy with the food under previous owner Cosmo Terrigno, 62, who also has the Hillcrest Tavern and the Coach Room in Bridgeton and who, it so happens, came to South Jersey by way of the Bronx decades ago. Would the newcomers change everything? Apparently not. The inn’s veteran staff, for one thing, is still in place. “They’re actually better than a lot of the servers in New York City,” Brian said. “Those people are all waiting for the next casting call. If they get it, they’re gone. No notice. These people are lifers.” Nor are the Goodes planning to turn the inn into a sushi bar. “Sometimes the space itself is telling me what I have to do,” Brian said. “The space is telling me, ‘Don’t mess this up. It’s been going 300 years straight.’ “
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