Bette Appearances Update…And Happy Thanksgiving!

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Photo Montage by BaltoBoy Steve

Just a reminder to everyone that Bette will be on Jay Leno Tonight…Nov 25th

She will also be on the Ellen Degeneres talk show tomorrow…Nov. 26th….

Also, looks like the Larry King Q &A will happen tomorrow night also…Nov 26th.
Mr. King has nothing about it on his website…all that is listed there is a barrage of Michael Jackson pundits…However, my new friend, Cathy (thanks to the Bette-Donna Summer connection) said that she was watching Larry King tonight and he said Bette would be dropping in to talk and to answer phone in questions….so tune in just to be safe…

Also, there will be the Barry Manilow Christmas special Dec. 5th on A&E…I’ll remind everyone again once the date gets closer….

I apologize for all the updates and stuff….but, like I have said, with these tickets going on sale for Bette’s tour…I’m just trying to get the news out ASAP to everyone when I hear they are going on sale….to be fair and equal…

I also posted this message on my Bruce Vilanch site so I might as well share it here, too:

Just wanted to peck out the words “Happy Thanksgiving” to everyone in case I get trytophaned to death over the Holiday. Turkey knocks me out cold!

Mister Vilanch, bless his heart, amid touring with Hairpray, doing press, and brainstorming with Miss M everyday, has returned to write for his “Notes from a Blond” column for the December 9th issue of The Advocate. This essay is entitlled “Lip service” which focuses on “that kiss” between Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman at the Tony’s and the outrage it caused in some circles…and, believe me, you’ll be surprised where the article takes you….a great piece and a great point. Before you sit down for Turkey talk, go out and grab the issue…

Also, thanks to all who participated in Bruce’s Birthday card page….I made it private so that only he could read your e-mails. He’s been so busy, he may have forgotten he had a birthday:-) After awhile, if you’re like me, they’re just another day!…LOL Not really, but I don’t focus so much on the numbers anymore:-)

And to those who have not seen Hairspray yet and if it’s coming to a town near you….I promise…you don’t want to miss this. You will leave feeling so good, and what more could you ask for from a night on the town….

That’s it….

Much love,

Mister D

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