Is EveryBody Excited!!!!???

Bette’s back on the road, so keep the info coming in. I’m very curious to hear what she replaces “White Christmas” with….

Some of you guys and gals seem shy about sharing your experiences, but there’s no need to be. People just want to hear something or see something…so please feel free to write and I’ll credit you or keep you anonymous….whichever way you like…

Hope Bette and the band had a Happy Reprieve and are all rested up…the show is garnering nothing but raves and deservedly so…nobody puts on a show quite like Bette…she’s the last of a dying breed…the Entertainer….what you see is what you get…and how much more refreshing can that be in this age of homogenous crap that passes for entertainment…

And I have to say this is the best band that she has ever had….a really crack band….not that kind of crack, but musicians will know what I’m talking about:-) Because of the horn section, songs like BWBB sound alive and new again….and Ms. Sussman’s piano playing and direction brings a new freshness to some of the older material…and I ain’t just blowing smoke up their or your respective asses…..this is a tight crew….

So everybody have a great time….

Love, Mister D

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