More on the Madison Square Garden Show: Thank you Chaz!

Chaz, MSG, Sunday Night
Overseas BetteHead

After singing WBMW The whole place stood and didnt sit down again, so this was over 3 songs. Bette said Stop and wiped away a tear. During the 3-4 songs some people in the front entered and Bette said ‘Your Late! I see all’ Bette revealed that ‘Hey There’ was only put in on 17th therefore wasnt up on it, so funny and professional!

Seabiscust (the carousel horse got stuck in midair with Ms. Midler along for the ride) – she was just swaying there everyone was laughing, Bette was too until she nearly knocked something of the egde of the stage and was saying ‘Watch it watch it!’ She hugged the guy who got the horse down and then the horse. Bette remarked that the audiance was much better than the ones from last nite- I would agree… much more of a love feast last night! Many more pressys had been given including a paper palm tree which Bette put on her head and asked ‘Howd I look?’ Some lucky gent who bought tickets at Hulaween; it was his b’day and Bette sang ‘happy b’day’ to him and after commented ‘Now thats a shout out- and if u want me 2 say your name give me $1000’s!’ Bette bowed 3 times at the end and waved too.

Mister D: Chaz was also lucky enough to give Bette some roses, so if anyone got a picture of that please forward them to me and I’ll get it to him…..thanks

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