Rumour Alert: Bette, Cher, and BRITNEY In The Same Movie!!! LOL

Will Britney Spears Join Tim Allen’s In the Pink?
Source: Fox News Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Fox News reports that the word around the Sundance Film Festival is that Britney Spears has agreed to take some sort of part in a new Tim Allen comedy In the Pink.

The Revolution Studios film revolves around a man who teams with a group of women to sell cosmetics door-to-door after he loses his cushy corporate job.

The news channel says that Bette Midler, Cher, and comic Wanda Sykes are already signed for roles, though that’s yet to be confirmed. It also states that Ryan Shiraki (Home of Phobia) may be the director.

Spears’ first film was Crossroads, which Paramount released February, 2002.

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