Hard To Believe In This Day and Age: A Random Act of Kindness

Thanks for the seats
Arizona Republic
Letter To The Editor

On Feb. 12, my wife and I attended the Bette Midler concert at the new Glendale Arena. In trying to find our seats, we met some friends and we stood talking about how high our seats were from the stage and if we were going to be able to see and hear. As we talked and laughed about our seating arrangements, a man and women approached and asked if we would like seats on the arena floor. The man gave us four tickets marked for the fourth row in the first section from the stage. All the man and woman would accept for such generosity was our grateful thanks.

As senior citizens, we could never have afforded such good seats, which gave us a great opportunity to enjoy the wonderful concert. The man disappeared without telling us his name, so this is the only way we can say thank-you again for your kindness.

– D. L. C.
Scottsdale, AZ

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