BLB Update Finally: 04-01-04


Photo: BaltoBoy Steve
(This “bette in boots” pic is for Cris!)

New Music in both the BLB Jukebox and BLB Records

In the records section, we have the Royal Crown Revue again. A fellow BetteHead, JOE, wrote me and said that it seemed as if the Walk Right In segment of KMB was highly inspired by this version…”The Walkin’ Blues”…and he was right….take a listen! The other 2 songs are by Cole Porter and Tom Waits…I think you’ll recognize…

Polls are now updated! Thanks to Mark S. for the idea and inspiration…altho I screwed some of it up by losing Mark’s email he sent me…so some of his lines didn’t make it….but there are enough memorable lines from Bette’s movies to do more of these….

The 2 polls that went down….the results were:

Which Musical Number Listed Below Is Your favorite Bette Comedy Performance In Song?

Doctor LongJohn 16.0%
Otto Titsling 14.4%
Hawaiian War Chant 11.7%
Pretty Legs 10.3%
You’re Moving Out Today 6.6%
Everything’s Coming Up Grosses 6.4%
Hitler Had Only One Big Ball 5.8%
Fat As I Am 5.1%
Marijuana 3.5%
Twisted 3.3%
Big Socks 3.3%
You Made Me Watch You 3.1%
Perfect Isn’t Easy 3.1%
Istanbul 2.5%
Fiesta In Rio 2.3%
I’m Hip 1.0%
Eat Me 0.8%
The Wig Song 0.6%
A Doctor, A Doctor 0.0%

Which I s Your Favorite Bette-Penned Book?

A View From A Broad 66.4%
The Saga of Baby Divine 18.7%
I Can’t Decide 15.0%

The latter winner surprised me….I thought for sure Ms. M’s fable was going to wipe out the other, but I was wrong by a long shot…

Also check out the We Got Bruce site…I have a radio interview on their and also a link to a preview of Hairspray that gives you the idea of what a fun evening you will have if you attend…

Darrell’s Bette on the Boards also feature the lovely “September” that she sang in Kiss My Brass. It’s only up for a week, so listen to it while you can…

I think that’s it….thanks to all the people who’ve sent pics in of the show. I am so grateful as I’m sure many others are, too.

I hope to be updating the scrapbook soon with many of these pics…so you can view them larger.

Other updates I’d like to do are the Baltoboy Steve and the Miro Brothers pages…I’ve used a lot of their stuff in posts, but haven’t added them to their own pages where they are better viewed…

Also everybody keep an eye out for Stepford Wives promotionals….that means keeping a look out for cast members on talk shows and such….maybe we’ll see Bette or hear her mentioned….always fun…

Toodles for now….

Love, Mister D

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