Counterpoint to the Blender’s Worst Songs of All Time

Carl, from, sent me this article that argues somewhat against the list that Blender magazine compiled…this programmer makes a good point. However, I think these lists are made to do nothing but provoke conversation, ratings, and sales…and to make certain critics feel superior!:-)

But Scott Shannon, one of the country’s most influential programmers and morning show co-host at WPLJ-FM, says Blender is all mixed-up.

“This list came from too-hip-for-the-room people trying to tell us what to like,
what’s cool and what’s not,” said Shannon.

“It just doesn’t make any sense to me. Most of the songs on this list were hits, so somebody liked them along the way. “I mean how can anybody say ‘Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da’ is horrible?”

Shannon said some of the tunes on the Worst 50 list “were definitely overplayed,” like the No. 1 worst, Starship’s “We Built this City,” and No. 50, Dion’s “Titanic” ballad.

“But it looks like the magazine confused overplayed with bad,” he said.

From “The Tracks of Their Jeers”
New York Daily News

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