A Review From A Test Audience Member on “The Stepford Wives”


Mister D: These test audience thingamajigs are not always that reliable. This is one person’s opinion and it seems they went in with high expectations. Usually the movie at this point is not “put all together”…there may be editing, reshoots, music added…etc….BUT always go in with lowered expectataions like I do…LOL By the way I don’t know who this person is….this was sent to me by Chaz (a BetteHead) who found it on IMDB.com. I’ll see if I can locate a review to counteract this one:

I got to see this movie in a test audience setting 4-27-2004.
The movie was very predictable and formulaic. Which is ashame because I really like the principals involved.

Matthew Broderick was very under utilized and Glen Close / Christopher Walken “phoned” in their performances. Bette Midler and a new face Roger Bart were actually quite good and their performances really stood out, especially Roger Bart. I hope to see more of him in the future. Nicole Kidman is especially beautiful here but again this was not a great role or performance for her, and I really like her work. She was wasted here.

I don’t mind that they converted the original movie to a dark comedy …I
think was a good idea, but the jokes were tired and not very original. This was
the first time I’d ever gone to a test screening and I really wanted to like
the movie… but I couldn’t. It has “Death Becomes Her” feel to it, but the
performances don’t measure up. This is worth a matinee or rental, but if you
really want to laugh a lot … look elsewhere.

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