Bits and Pieces from Germany: Thank you, Bluerose!

Mister D: Bluerose sent me an article from a German newspaper, “Stefan Hertach”, Saturday, April 24 th, 2004:

Virginia Woolf-Remake – Theron or Midler ??????

For years the theatre classic “Who`s Afraid of Virginia Woolf” were filmed by “Edward Albees” with “Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton” in the main roles.that drama should filmed again in a remake.for the new filming and the 4 main roles should be ” Michael Caine, Glenn Close, Bette Midler and John Lithgow to the favorites.but now there is a rivalry “Charlize Theron” she has the same interest to play the role of “Elizabeth Taylor”.Bette Milder would be suitable for the role of Martha,but Charlize Theron has shown that she could act
really good in her movie ” Monster”. so the producers have to think about it which of the actress ” Bette Midler or Charlize Theron ” will get the role for the new remake of “Who`s Afraid of Virginia Woolf”.

Mister D: I can’t imagine Ms. Theron doing this….she’s much too young and if she does another extreme ugly makeover….well that trick wears thin. I absolutley love the original and I just don’t think Bette (altho I think she would be excellent in the part) would do this, unless she just feels like she needs to pick a paycheck up. However, as we’ve read on BLB, Edward Albee, the playwright, would love to see Bette play this on Broadway. Broadway would be the way to go for this….IMO

Also Bluerose sent me some publicty stills from an Isn’t She Great interview which I posted in the BLB scrapbook under Publicity.

So thanks for all this info, BlueRose!

Love, Mister D

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