Some Links To Check Out (Thanks Lorine and Irish)

This link was brought to my attention by Irish. It has to do with the special coming on Tuesday night, “AFI’s — 100 Years — 100 Songs”. I’ve seen the ad and Bette is shown in it as she is being interviewed. Here’s the link:

AFI’s — 100 Years — 100 Songs Special

Out of the 400 songs being whittled down to 100, Bette had 3 on the list: The Rose, WBMW’s, and You Don’t Own Me…I’m sure the first 2 are destined to make the final 100.


Lorine brought this link to my attention on MSN Entertainment which revolves around all the Stepford Wive’s hoopla…it has audio interviews, movie stills, a video clip, etc…so it’s fun listening:

Stepford Wives Information

Thanks to Lorine and Irish again for passing this information on…

Love, Mister D

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