Time Magazine: Election Tensions and Bette Relief

NY Post

New Time Magazine
Issue: “The Morning After”

Time stops short of endorsing a candidate, but its cover, “The Morning After,” paints a scenario that seems more like an obituary for America’s future. Whoever wins the election, the cover story begins — if there’s an early decision at all — won’t matter because America is too divided to govern. The package includes an exclusive on a Pentagon executive who’s come forward to blow the whistle, with evidence, that a $7 billion no-bid Iraqi contract was awarded improperly to Halliburton. The magazine’s latest poll also says nearly half of registered voters, or 48 percent, think an illegitimate winner will capture the White House. For temporary relief, Bette Midler gives some insights about her ongoing “Kiss my Brass” tour, which grosses $1 million a night.

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