Divine Dutchie Sara: Updates From Holland!

Sara has some more voting for us to do to get Bette on the Holland and Belgium hit list. That’s right…she said we did fabu on the Homo 100, so let’s get out the vote for Miss M! Take it away….okay, now I let Sara write:

I have a whole bunch of Bette updates:

About that Live Aid DVD… It is already out here in Holland (My guess would be since yesterday) I saw it in stores yesterday and there was an interview with Bob Geldoff on tv last night, in the entertainment news I guess.

In the Homo 100 list that was aired oktober 22nd Bette came out on the 8th place with To Deserve You (95 mix). I remember from years before that Bette hung around the 30/40 spot, so the voting by Bootleg Betty readers must have helped!

The end of the year also means long hitlists. The biggest in Holland is the top 2000, aired in 144 hours. The voting is now open at:


On the first page, choose the songs. One rule, no more than two songs by the same artist. Choose at least 3, max 10 songs.
Bette songs nominated are:

Beast of Burden
From a Distance
The Rose

Choose the song you want, press the green button. If you chose one by mistake, select the song on the right and press the red button.
When you have picked at least three songs, press the button marked “verder” in the bottom right hand corner.

At the next screen you can add a song that wasn’t in the list, but remember, no more than two songs per artist. ‘Artiest’ = artist, ‘Titel’ = titel, ‘Voeg toe’ = add. Press ‘verder’ if you are finished.

The pop up on the next window says to please fill in your name. Fill in your name and adress. The box on the left is where you can put in a story why that song is important to you (they call people during the show and put the comments on the site). When you have put in the info, press ‘verder’. Thanks for voting!

Radio Donna (Belgium) has a top 2004.

Voting is a bit easier. Go to this page:

What they want you to do is fill in a number that they have given the song of your choice, in the places 1 to 5. Your own choice (if not in the list) can be filled in the three spots below that.

Bette’s numbers are:

3639 – Beast of Burden
3640 – The Rose

If you want other artists, check ‘lijst volgens artiest’, at the top of the window (third from the left). When you have put in your songs, fill in your name at “naam en voornaam” and your e-mail. Please fill in a valid e-mail, they do want you to confirm your vote. Also fill in a number at the gsm field. Just anything will do. Thanks for voting! (ignore the next screen)

Love, Sara

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