Happy Easter!

Hope everybody has a wonderful and safe holiday/plain ole weekend. Thanks to Sammy for always sending me these nice scans for the holidays.

Photo Scan: Sammy Miro

I know things in our time seem utterly insane, but there does seem to be a light flickering at the end of the tunnel…people, both liberal, conservative, republican, democrat, and independent are starting to see the hubris, arrogance, and corruptness of this administration and their co-horts. Yes, there are bad politicians on both sides, but it would take a hearty case of denial not to see that things are horribly wrong in the republican faction of government…not to mention the shamefulness/shamelessness of our media

Let’s hope this weekend becomes a rebirth or a reawakening of how wonderful our country can be…cetainly not what it is now.

Love, Mister D

Songwriter: Patty GriffinLyrics
Performed by: Mister D (keyboards, vocal, harmony)

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