BM-TV: To Lessen The Stench Of The GOP

Disclaimer: Ms. Midler may not have the same views as myself, Mister D, but I wouldn’t hold that against her! 🙂

My My My…this week was lurid, scandalous, and out of this world…and honey I ain’t talking about that runaway bride, Michael Jackson, or kewpy doll, Paula Abdul. Washington D.C. was the place to be….if you read! Bolton, filibuster threats, more war lies, Chalabi, sex with animals, other pervs, a runaway plane, base closings, medicaid cuts, and a war run amok, amok, amok…oh, and Tom DeLay!…

I mean, what is going on???? And believe me, the atrocities are growing daily!

Why can’t we pull an IDOL and just vote these f**ckers out???? Remember 2006….let’s take back something…checks and balances, checks and balances!!!

Anyway, to clear everyone’s palette….whether you be independent, conservative, liberal or just a plain ole human being…here’s 2 great video clips for you to watch….from Arsenio’s old talk show….Bette, circa 1991, singing Pretty Legs/Soph and then a medley of Every Road Leads Back To You/From A Distance.

Find the little TV off to the left of the page and then you’re in for a treat!

bmtv: (bette midler television) all bette, all the time!

Now I need to rest from all this crap going on and get my freak on….oh and catch up on emails…sorry to the few who wrote and I never responded. Shit happens… 🙂

Love, Mister D

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(thank you Bill Maher)

My republican friends…at least the ones I know…you’re party has left you. We all love America, but it’s time to take it back from the cretins that are “running” The White House now! Sorry, that’s my opinion…and, ah, I’m usually right! 🙂

And why is it that Barbara Boxer is the only democrat with balls???? If this keeps up, where women are the only ones with the nads, then I may turn straight!!! I’m just saying…..

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