Sad News For The Bette Community:
Experience The Divine To Close Doors August 1, 2005

Well, I found this news to be a sad note for the Bette community.

Terri, webmistress for,, and, has decided that she may need to close down her sites due to “having a life” to pursue….(my phraseology) 🙂

As most of you know, Terri was one of the very first to start a Bette site, almost 7 years ago, and she has been going strong ever since, creating what I think is the ultimate in Bette sites….following Bette’s career from the beginning to the present. Terri actually goes to school studying web design and development, so her site has always reflected the latest of technology. (something that literally makes me want to pull my hair out…computer technology is not a friend to me!!!! 🙂 )

This site had it all…the technology, history, photos, news, some music, and more. Terri also provided a nice community where fans could meet and discuss Bette stuff and then some….BUT she had rules, too, so you never saw much in the way of big fights or ego clashing like you see in a lot of other communities. … even difficult decisions she handled in a very professional way. What’s amazing is that she’s only about 20, a fetus!!! 🙂

Anyway, she says on her site that her “pages” are on “standby mode,” but I have a feeling she will have to carry out the inevitable. Real life is calling her and time is a rare commodity. Part of me hopes she’s like me….she’ll change her mind a lot and take you for a yo yo ride. But from what I know of Terri, she doesn’t make rash judgements and her standards are high. She doesn’t want to do a half-assed job when it comes to Bette. I have to say that’s the conundrum I find myself in as well. Time keeps growing leaner due to real life challenges…does one compromise????

Whatever the decision, Terri has my support. She’s been a great asset and friend to the Bette community for years. She has style, class, warmth, and not a pretentious bone in her body. I can’t say the same for very many people.

If you have the time, give her a big thank you and your positive support…

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