Tid-Bettes and Bits of Chats!

Andy writes in to say that he was watching Larry King Live! the other night when Ryan Seacrest was guest hosting with Nicole Richie as his guest. During the final moments of the interview, he asked little Miss Bitchie, I mean, Richie, that if she could meet anyone who would she like to meet. Can you all guess what her answer was? “Bette Midler, I am obsessed with her.” Ryan asked her what she would like to ask Bette and Miss Richie said she’d just like to talk to her. Well, hop to the back of the line, honey!!! 🙂
Thank you for sending that in Andy…I had fun with that!

Aly writes in about the Oprah DVD Box set…you know that 6 disc 20th anniversary DVD celebrating herself! Well, it seems Bette has a 3 minute section on there. I think Aly has it targeted where Bette appears in 1991 and the segment ends with her last visit. Supposedly, even though it’s only 3 minutes, it’s very funny. It does have that one little bit where Oprah asks Bette about traveling on a bus! LOL (Thanks Aly!)

And I heard a few BetteHeads made it into the MSN Chat…one was Megs, who got the Vegas question squeezed in. Here is what transpired? For those who ain’t too fast, “MSNLive_Star” is Bette’s chat name for this little event! 🙂 Oh, I can have some fun!

DivineMissMegan in Onstage_1 asks:
Aloha, Bette! I am just wondering if all the rumors we are hearing about Vegas are true? From South Dakota

MSNLive_Star says:
Well there has been some exploration. It would be kind of great. They pay your expenses and being the way I am thrills me to no end.

MSNLive_Star says:
I worry that everyone who goes there gets sick.

MSNLive_Star says:
The shows are pretty short.

MSNLive_Star says:
I am thinking about it but there are no deals.

MSNLive_Star says:
I am not really sure I would want to make a contract for that long.

MSNLive_Star says:
It is a couple years and there are so many things I haven’t seen.

MSNLive_Star says:
I am having a big birthday and I start thinking of my time.

Love, Mister D

PS: Once again, thank you Andy, Aly, and Megan for chiming in…

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