Following in the footsteps of our very own Divine Miss M:
Philly’s Own Divine Mrs. M

Mister D: Okay this post has to do with putting your money where your mouth is or talking the talk and walking the walk…and that’s what our dear BetteHead Jamie has been doing since I’ve known her…talking pre-historic online Bette days when life was sweet and oh so mellow!!! But I digress…BTW…Jamie does not look pre-historic, she just makes others feel that way because of her boundless energy, just like someone else we know.

Anyhoo, I know, I know…get to the point Mister D!. WELL, NYRP has just put up on their site that they are one of the 150 (nation wide) recipients of The National Garden Assoc. Award. It just so happens that Philly’s Journey Home has also been chosen to receive that SAME award!!

If you visit that website , you can view the list of recipients.

In Philly, Journey Home’s own Divine Mrs. M has been working hard with her own beautification of Philadelphia and the transformation has begun with the community, the City of Philly, Penn Horticulture Society/Philadelphia Green and now with sponsors, corporate funding and awards just like NYRPgreat minds DO think alike.

The award from Home Depot will be put to use building the garden you see here. This garden will function as a weekly market where neighbors can purchase fresh produce, a learning tool for the teen summer camp program, an area to have events for the community (notice the stage and sculpture garden) and most importantly, a place of unity for the entire community (Hey!! That rhymes…I think that could be our “theme song”!!) Not to mention the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program is interested in a very large mosaic project connected with our garden 🙂

Stay tuned…There is a fundraising effort going on to build this beauty.

And to end this inspiring story, our own Divine Mrs. M has written one of her special annual Spring poems to share with all of us:

Roses are red
Violet are blue
Spring is here
It’s true, it’s true!!

Winter has come
And now hit the road
Get off of that couch
And work off that winter LOAD!!

We’re having snow showers
And temps are in the 30’s
Take a look outside
And see all the birdies!!

So, get out of your house
And enjoy the fresh air
Soon there will be flowers
Blooming everywhere!!!


Your very own…Divine Ms. M

Mister D: And thank you Jamie! Now if I could only get myself to do 1/4 of what you do…well I’d be dead. Where can I donate? 🙂

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