Update With Tip (Thanks Brian P): Keep Voting For “Bette” On The Sony DVD Poll For It’s Release! Vote Everyday!


Brian P. wrote in to give us this important tip:

Since Sony requires three different votes, we must also vote for the other shows that are currently behind Bette in the voting. The best three votes would be Bette, Michael Hayes, and Whats Happening Now. If your other two votes are for shows that currently have more votes than Bette, they will stay ahead (and we don’t want that to happen). Warn the Betteheads!!!

Keep Voting For “Bette” On The Sony Poll For It’s Release! Vote Everyday!

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is asking you, the fan, to help choose which TV show should be released on DVD next. Of course, we BetteHeads want the “Bette” TV series released. Please vote everyday for “Bette”.

The link is in the RED BOX at the top of the BLB page!

We’ve got to keep “staying the course” ( I know, I know) with this and be relentless to get this done. I can’t stress enough to vote as much as you can.

Love, Mister D

PS: You can CLICK HERE as well.

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