A Little Bette News

Bette’s Spring 2007 Spring Gala And OnLine Auction Dates
Bette’s Rose Garden Auction Dates
Bette Midler Joins Kevin Bacon’s Charity Organization (You Can Too For Your Own Favorite Charity)

Non-Bette News: Check Out The Preview Of My Brother’s New Video For CMT

AND Below: Rumor Of The Day

Rumor ArtWork: Darrell Redmond

PS: No, Bette IS NOT replacing Glenn Close in “Sunset Blvd,” (at least not at this time). No one in her camp has heard of this. You know how Hollywood works (years from now she could). However, her name had been associated with the project a few years ago. Personally, I did not like the musical, but loved the original with Gloria Swanson. I’d rather she remake that instead…

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