Reminder’s: Elton’s Special, Scott Steen’s (KMB) New CD, Harlette Rhae Ann’s Auction

Mister D: Don’t forget Elton John’s concert celebrating his 60th birthday will be aired on TV tonight in the US. It has already aired in the YUK! According to my YUKalidian (I just made that up…I’m so DIVINE!) – the beautiful, AND proud, Mama Nicola, Bette was shown around 4 times talking about Elton and the present she bestowed upon his royalty (that part I shall leave as a secret.) BUT be wary here in the States…you never know how they are going to edit. God forbid it might run over into the homoerotic “Smallville,” or whatever they show on the CW!

Mister D: Just a reminder that KMB’s solo jazz trumpeteer, Scott Steen, has a new CD that just hit the airwaves, “Playing Favorites.” Any of you jazz lovers will definitely want to add this music to your collection.

Preview “Playing Favorites”:

Scott Steen, long-time trumpeter for Royal Crown Revue and featured soloist on Bette Midler’s “Kiss My Brass” tour, delivers his second solo album, Playing Favorites.

Once again he displays his beautiful sound and style in this latest release, a CD that pays homage to the artists that influenced his growth as a trumpeter.

Recorded in one room on one day, the work of nine tunes demonstrates his passion for the instrument, the music, and command of the horn.

Steen’s disarming tone floats over the haunting Flamenco Sketches and rips through passages on the burning One Finger Snap.

Using a plunger mute, he evokes Cootie Williams and Clark Terry on Mood Indigo and makes the horn “moan”. On Pharaoh Stance (noticeably influenced by Miles’ Pharaoh’s Dance) the band takes us on a journey through spontaneous free improvisation.

Playing Favorites features the outstanding performances of the sensitive and fluid pianist Ken Charlson, solid and stylistic bassist David Miller, and the tasteful and hard-hitting drumming of Daniel Glass. Adding a deeply beautiful sound to complete this recording are saxophonists Jim Jedeikin, shining on Flamenco Sketches, and Mando Dorame, soulfully blowing on Mood Indigo.
Academy award-winning engineer George Johnsen lends his invaluable knowledge and vintage microphone collection to capture the sound, pulling every emotion and subtle nuance from the band’s performance.

Playing Favorites sets the mood and the listener is transformed.

Bette Midler Scott Steen

Photo: Mazur

The Track Listing:

01 – Cantaloupe Island
02 – I Could Write A Book
03 – Freddie The Freeloader
04 – Flamenco
05 – One Finger Snap
06 – Mood Indigo
07 – Someday My Prince Will Come
08 – Blue In Green
09 – Pharaoh Stance

Songs can be previewed and downloaded at All About Jazz (Don’t forget to check out iTunes as well): Click Here

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