Just A Quote (As Of 1:00 PM, this is a re-edit! – Thanks Shelly!)

Mister D: I saw this quote on Google. I’m sure Bette was just kidding when she said this, so all you 20 year olds, this does not give you carte blance to just go out and be the new Paris Hilton:

“Oh honey, don’t you know what your 20s are for? They’re for having sex with all the wrong people!”
Ms. Bette Midler

Anyway, I love the quote.

Love, Mister D

PS: BetteHead Shelly wrote in and told me the above quote is actually from the movie, “That Old Feeling.” Shelly states that the quote came from “the second scene when Lilly is shopping with her daughter and Lilly is trying to convince her daughter not to get married, but to play the field a bit longer.”

So now we know that Bette’s character in the movie was a “ho” in her twenties!

Please don’t pull the Don Imus card on me! Mister D is always exempt from anything he ever says due to his divine “divinity.” (And I’m not talking about that candy shit!)

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