Announcement: BetteHead Gets Engaged…But Not To Me! And I’m Her BoyFriend!

Mister D: A longtime BetteHead friend of mine, Julia , finally bagged a man, Art D., this past Friday. The planned date for the wedding is October 4, 2008, which gives me some time to win her back.

For some reason she doesn’t think we’re good match because I’m gay! Shades of Ann Coulter!

Anyhoo, Art is a good catch and Julia is kind, intelligent, beautiful, and alluring.

In fact here’s Julia mesmerizing Art with her femine wiles:

And here’s Art after he asked for Julia’s hand in marriage and realizing what he did:

And here’s me and Julia in happier times:

Okay…I’ve been joking of course, but I wish Art and Julia so much happiness, good will, and a long time life of love. So everybody raise your glass and make a toast to the happy couple.

All you myspacers can drop her a congrats here if you want:

Love, Mister D

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