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Friday, July 27, 2007

Update: July 7, 2007 – Happy Belated Birthday BaltoBoy, Hulaween Tip, Clip Info, Bette Climbed A Bridge, Bruce Vilanch, My Brother Woody, Mister D Needs FeedBack

Mister D: First off, a belated Happy Birthday to my friend in the land of the crabs, Baltimore,…BaltoBoy Steve (Steve Weiner) A Hug and a kiss your way. Thank you for all the beautiful artwork you’ve done over the years and sharing with me and the BetteHeads. I need to make a better page to get all your works up. For the life of me, I had an alert and then just forgot about it…LOL So sorry…
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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Time Capsule: Monday, Apr. 17, 1978

“I have never met a dumber broad,” complains Bette Midler. Who could it be? Why, the Divine Miss M happens to be describing the Divine Miss M. The occasion: an interview with herself for the tenth-anniversary issue of After Dark magazine. She also appears on the cover, kicking up her heels above a sea of balloons. Soon she will be kicking off her first movie, which, she promises, is “nothing with flying saucers. Nothing with sharks.” The Rose is the story of a flamboyant, 1960s blues singer. “It’s not about Janis Joplin. It’s about a blues singer who wins—beats life at its own game,” insists Bette. Her co-star is Alan Bates, who plays her manager. “I’ve never met Miss Midler,” he said after signing for the part. Both hope their work together will not put anyone in mind of Bette’s last nightclub act: “Close Encounters of the Worst Kind.”
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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Teensy Bette-Related: Moving Mister D MySpace Account to MySpace Music Account

Okay…I learned my lesson well. Stupid of me to have all these sites…bootleg betty, we got bruce, mister d’s bloggorhea, and 2 my space accounts. I’m also taking 2 writing classes, trying to pick out new songs to record – you know…all the sad ballads I can muster up… :-)…not amy Bette songs this time. Well, maybe one or two! If you want to follow me over to Don “Mister D” Bradshaw Myspace Music Account here’s the link -yes I know it sounds just awfully depressing, but it’s part of my dark humor – so tough tippie toenails if ya don’t like it 🙂 or click this link: Sorry for the inconvenience. I’ll understand if some of you BetteHeads don’t follow. This is the second time…but it was a mistake. My Bad! But signing in and out for 2 accounts is just stupid. Too much me, Me, ME! LOL It will be going down midnight tonight, so spread the word to others if you want to follow. Love, A Wishy Washy Mister D PS: I’ll be putting up a new poll and adding and subtracting some music soon. Hopefully some new videos in the near future. I’ll probably be asking you some questions about BLB too…it could be I’ll need some help in certain areas. I’m having a hard time with my memory and keeping focused. Lord, please let the cause be my medicine, and not my 50th decade..oh well, there are some things I would like to forget, ya know…but that will be in my book some day…I do keep a journal… Thanks so much for “listening.” or click this link:
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Monday, July 23, 2007

NYRP Teams Up With Broadway’s “Wicked” For “Green For Good” October 28, 2007

NYRP and the smash Broadway production Wicked are partnering to celebrate Wicked Day,” on Sunday, October 28, 2007. Committing “Green for Good,” Wicked has pledged $300,000 to restore our West 150th Street community garden in Harlem (designed by Wicked’s Associate Scenic Designer Edward Pierce), which will host a special garden opening with NYRP Founder Bette Midler and Wicked cast members on October 28. Wicked’s generous gift also supports a Times Square Cleanup, to be held the morning of October 28. Organized by NYRP, this volunteer event will give several thousand Wicked fans an opportunity to help beautify New York City’s famed theater district. Wicked Day culminates a month-long celebration with “Green for Good” events in New York, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, and London. Now in its record-breaking fourth year, the Tony-winning Wicked has performed for over 2.6 million people, with productions in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, London, Osaka, and soon in Australia, Amsterdam, and Germany. To participate in Wicked Day events on October 28, 2007, please contact Kristin Dougherty, Development Manager of Individual Giving, at (212) 333-2552 or
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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Bette Midler And Barry Manilow? Voice-Overs?

MORE STORIES OF LOCAL talent getting things done: First, there is Michael Smolanoff, a Holmdel author and screenwriter who has several projects under way, including a feature film based on his book “The Oval Portrait.” “It’s now in pre-production, in the casting phase. They’ve already got Christopher Walken and Eric Roberts,” Smolanoff said. “Principal photography starts in October.” The releasing company, of which Smolanoff is president, is Twin Faces East Entertainment. A release date in 2008 is projected, he said. “The other thing that is happening is I just finished (the screenplay for) “The Scary Kids’ Club,’ which is based on my book “Scary Tales.’ The Irish director Ronan O’Leary is working on that for a 2008 release.”
Finally, Smolanoff said, he is working on an animated feature film project; plans are to have performers such as Bette Midler and Barry Manilow do the voice-overs. He said a 26-episode TV series is planned to be spun off the film. The series would be based on a children’s book by Smolanoff, featuring stories he told his children when they were growing up.
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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Charity Buzz Already Gearing Up For Hulaween!

Mister D: This came from Charity Buzz’s new blog. Make sure to bookmark their blog and site for online Bette auctions

One of our first live auctions in which we take our online lots to a live gala was with New York Restoration Project and The Divine Miss M, Bette Midler. We are now preparing for our third Hulaween Gala and we are enjoying putting together high profile celebrity lots with Susan Madden, NYRP’s Chief Development Officer and Jill Hattersley, Bette’s trusted and invaluable personal assistant. Our costumes have certainly gotten better when we represent charitybuzz at the gala Hulaween event every year, but more importantly, we really have learned how to represent our charitybuzz bidders at events in which they are bidding from all over the globe. We continue to improve upon our processes and customer service as we like to view ourselves as a “Nieman Marcus” for cause marketing compared to E-Bay which would be comparable to “Wal-mart”. We don’t have the largest number of “eyeballs” on our site- just those that spend the most and those that appreciate our level of service as they truly do want to doGOOD and liveWELL. ...  Read More

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Governor Bill Richardson: Presidential Hopeful

Mister D:To most who follow news reports and BootLeg Betty, it’s no secret which celebrities contributed to who’s campaign. Bette chose to give her max donation to Bill Richardson instead of spreading it around like some celebs do. To be honest, I don’t know anything about the man, but I found two great articles on him in order to famliarize myself on his stands on issues I care about. I was also curious to see why Ms. Midler found him so fascinating. Of course, this will be boring to some, but I have a history of putting up a learning material, like it or not. I hope nobody votes for a candidate just because Bette does. Look at all the candidates and see where they stand. However, since this is a Bette site, I now present Gov. Bill Richardson: Website: Bill Richardson For President The Bill Richardson difference The presidential hopeful with the longest, most varied résumé, the New Mexico governor speaks forthrightly — and off the cuff — about his in-progress campaign platform. By Walter Shapiro Jul. 20, 2007 | Sounding like every underdog contender who has ever tried to defy the groupthink of the press corps, Richardson told a jury of primary voters here Tuesday afternoon, “I’m glad you’re picking the next president — and not the pundits in Washington, who have already made up their minds based on who has the most money and who has the most glamour.” Dressed in a blue blazer, khaki slacks and a red tie, Richardson was speaking in the recently restored local courthouse and a chunk of his mostly gray-haired audience of about 60 voters was sitting in the jury box. As the Democrat with the longest and most varied résumé in the race (14 years in the House, stints as U.N. ambassador and energy secretary in Bill Clinton’s second term, and New Mexico governor since 2003), Richardson is beginning — just beginning — to get a long, serious look from voters already a trifle bored with Hillary Clinton versus Barack Obama. Richardson, the first major presidential candidate of Hispanic heritage, has been overshadowed by the history-making appeal of Hillary Clinton as a woman and Barack Obama as an African-American. With $7 million in the bank, he is running fourth in the Democratic dollar derby. His campaign themes are a bit of a blur, since he freely confesses in an interview with me, “I admit that I don’t have my shtick down. I admit that my policies are evolving.” But what Richardson — the rare round-faced presidential candidate in an arena traditionally dominated by those with lean and hungry looks — offers is the easy self-confidence of someone who believes that success comes from doing what comes naturally. This week, for the first time, the respected Granite State Poll, sponsored by CNN and WMUR, put Richardson in third place (10 percent support), just ahead of John Edwards and Al Gore (tied at 8 percent), giving the New Mexico governor new bragging rights. But the most relevant number by far in the poll — and another statistic that can only give Richardson hope — is that 64 percent of New Hampshire Democrats say they are “still trying to decide” on a candidate. “Richardson is an interesting person to keep watching,” said Andy Smith, the director of the Survey Center at the University of New Hampshire, which conducted the poll. “We’re all looking for a third candidate to pop up here — and John Edwards was going to be the one. But his campaign isn’t working here.” Part of Richardson’s newfound appeal flows from the quirky job-interview commercials that he has been airing on WMUR, the dominant TV station in the state. In the most recent version, Richardson boasts about his record of promoting alternative energy in New Mexico while a bored executive recruiter asks, “If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?” Smith stresses that the candidate’s slowly rising poll numbers are not due to the ads alone: “Richardson is an old-fashioned grab-and-greet guy — and the ads have begun to resonate because they give a sense of who he is.” Photo: Ron Galella (Rally For Democratic Change and Voter Registration) On an ideological grid, Richardson defies easy labeling, since he has gone from his initial support of the Iraq war to being an outspoken anti-warrior. Richardson is the only mainstream Democrat (aside from Chris Dodd) in the race who favors a complete withdrawal from Iraq, leaving no residual forces within the country. But when the subject turns to domestic issues, it would be more accurate to portray Richardson closer to the right flank of the party. As a Western governor, he is skeptical of most forms of gun control. Asked about the issue at a house party on the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee in Wolfeboro Tuesday morning, Richardson grimaced comically and then said, “Full disclosure — the National Rifle Association has given me an ‘A’ rating.” In Ossipee, he bragged about his support for a balanced-budget amendment to the Constitution, a rigid straitjacket on spending that Bill Clinton and most leading Democrats opposed in the 1990s. And, presumably contrasting himself with Edwards, who is running as an economic populist, Richardson declared, “I’m also a Democrat who does not believe in class warfare. I’m not going to rail against rich persons. That’s not me. I believe that we should have a pro-growth economy.” Part of the Richardson difference is that he will say things — human things — that would never emerge from the lips of a programmed candidate. He lost his train of thought when discussing immigration in Ossipee and asked his audience helplessly whether he had promised that he had four points or five points. After a woman in the front row shouted, “Five,” Richardson said ruefully, “My mind is mush. My five-point plans become four-point plans.” It is quite possible that in the annals of presidential campaigns no serious candidate has — ever, ever — uttered those four words: “My mind is mush.” Although Richardson has yet to achieve enough liftoff to be shadowed everywhere on the campaign trail (I was the only reporter in Ossipee), it is so easy to imagine how that self-deprecatory moment would look — taken out of context — on YouTube. Dave Contarino, Richardson’s campaign manager, acknowledged that his candidate is not a message-machine candidate ordered up from Central Casting. As Contarino put it, “The secret to the governor’s success — and as his chief of staff I was watching how things got done — is that he’s prepared, but he isn’t terribly cautious in what he says. He’s not talking off a set of talking points. But a cautious guy couldn’t walk into the Sudan, Iraq or North Korea and come back with hostages.” For Richardson himself, it all comes down to that magic quality called “authenticity.” During our interview — both of us sitting on wooden chairs behind a door marked “Judge” in the old courthouse in Ossipee — Richardson would lean toward me for emphasis, always maintaining eye contact. Asked about his speak-first style, Richardson said, “That’s who I am … I believe that there is a real thirst in the electorate for authenticity.” The New Mexico governor’s do-your-own-thing spontaneity can lead him to blurt out new policy ideas in the middle of televised debates. During the second Democratic face-off in early June, he suddenly suggested — in the midst of a discussion of pressuring China over Darfur — that some sort of protest of the 2008 Olympics in Beijing might be considered. During our interview, Richardson acknowledged that the idea had come to him “right there, onstage.” But when I asked Richardson a follow-up question about a possible Olympic boycott, he said with a hint of exasperation in his voice, “But I’m not running on that. I throw that out as an option.” Most presidential candidates would not use a TV debate as the moment to spontaneously prepare an options memo. Richardson can also be surprisingly thin-skinned. In the midst of a discussion of a noninflammatory topic (his opposition in the Clinton Cabinet to congressional earmarks in the energy bill), Richardson suddenly launched an attack on an earlier Salon piece and its author, Washington correspondent Michael Scherer. (Any reader who wants to decide whether Scherer is “an idiot,” as Richardson intemperately claimed, should read the original piece.) But there is a much larger question here — one that has nothing to do with Richardson’s brief spat with Salon. All Democratic candidates not named Hillary or Barack are entitled to be a bit irked with the tenor of the coverage of the presidential race. Six months before the New Hampshire primary is far too premature to decide that the field has been effectively winnowed down to just two candidates. Photo: Ron Galella (Rally For Democratic Change and Voter Registration) Surprises are an integral part of every presidential cycle. And Bill Richardson — the only candidate who has recently caught a fresh breeze — has earned the right to his fantasies about confounding the pundits and defying the conventional wisdom. “I admit that I don’t have my shtick down” In an interview with Salon, Bill Richardson talks about his “evolving” positions, what he owes Bill Clinton, and exactly what “no residual troops in Iraq” means. By Walter Shapiro ...  Read More

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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Being Alive, Being Unique: Standing Out In Hollywood Sometimes Pays Off – Big Time (Thanks Joseph!)

Mister D: Craig Zadan, one of the producers of “Hairspray” and the huge TV Bette vehicle, “Gypsy,” discusses the unconventional women that defy the Hollywood machine of rolling out size zero actresses. Unfortunately, for the most part, Hollywood still sticks by the young and anorexic. PhotoShop: BaltoBoy Steve From “Whoopi Goldberg defied the rules. Queen Latifah is one of those people. You love her. When she opens her mouth and smiles, you love her. From the first moment she appears in `Hairspray,’ you love her,” Meron said. “Bette Midler, Barbra Streisand, they were completely unconventional stars. They didn’t look like anyone else, they didn’t sound like everyone else. Everybody told them they weren’t going to make it. They told them, `You don’t have a chance because you don’t fit into the niche,”‘ Zadan said. “Every so often, not very often, somebody comes along and defies the convention and basically says subliminally, `I dare you not to hire me, because I’m more talented than these other people,”‘ Zadan said. Here’s the link to the full article:
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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Updated!!!!!! – It’s That Time Of The Year: I Need Your Help – Demand Me!

Mister D: I'm not how sure how hard this is to do, but I could use your help. I don't care if you're from Barfsville or international. The more demands I get to perform, the better chance of me getting a gig here in Nashville - plus it will help me get out of the house. This will by no means interrupt the time I put into Bootleg Betty. I am chained to you all and will always service you. (well, not in that way). So PLEASE take a little time to do this if it isn't too hard to do....Thank you!!!

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

New Movie Trailers Up In BMTV

PhotoShop: Lucy Wilkins Gypsy Isn’t She Great Drowning Mona For The Boys The Stepford Wives Love, Mister D
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