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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Mister D Takes A Holiday

I will be offline...(no computer. no emails accessible) for 15 to 30 days starting now, so please don't write until you see a post that I'm back. In the meantime, check out for news and information. I'll miss you guys and gals...

Love, Mister D

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Monday, August 27, 2007

Bette Midler On Line Community Forum: Please Read

To All The BetteHeads: A message from Rebecca

Hello all you fellow Betteheads! I just wanted to let you know that I’m really sorry, but I accidently deleted everyone from the forum! I feel so bad about it, and I hope you will all re-join, because it has been fun. So please come back, and encourage all your Bettehead friends to do the same: Once again I’m really really sorry! Much Love Bec Rebecca’s MySpace Site:  ...  Read More

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Then She Found Me: Sold Out First Day Of Screenings!

Mister D: I received some information from Miss Mish that both screenings of “Then She Found Me” sold out when tickets went on sale this weekend. Miss Mish told me that she would review the movie for the BetteHeads as soon as she arrives back home. For more info or to keep up, check here: Tiff Talk Also From The Sizzler Gossip site, Bette was seen having lunch on Tuesday at Spago, inside the The Forum Shops at Caesars. Check Out Sizzler: Click Here Love, Mister D
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Saturday, August 25, 2007

RIP Aaron Russo: 2/14/1943 – 8/24/2007 (Thanks Wendy)

It’s time to say “When.” The Blog for WWW.SAY-WHEN.ORG Aaron Russo – 2/14/1943 – 8/24/2007 Aug 25, 2007 Born in Brooklyn and raised on Long Island, producer Aaron Russo began promoting rock and roll shows at local theaters while still a high school student. He then worked for his family’s undergarment business, where in 1963, he designed the first ladies bikini under wear. Five years later the twenty four year old entrepreneur opened his own nightclub in Chicago called the Kinetic Playground which became a driving force in the music business, where Aaron helped create the careers of many legendary performers, such as Led Zeppelin. Aaron was responsible for bringing them to America for the first time. He also promoted some of the 60’s most successful rock acts, including The Who, Janis Joplin, The Grateful Dead and Jefferson Airplane. In 1972, Russo began his seven year partnership with Bette Midler, who became a superstar during his management of her career. In 1975 he produced the Tony award- winning “Clams on the Half-Shell Revue,” which starred Bette Midler and Lionel Hampton. At the time it was the most successful ten-week Broadway revue in history, grossing more than $1.8 million. While serving as Midler’s manager, Russo created and managed the Manhattan Transfer. Later his roster would include such personalities as David Keith, Frederic Forest, Susan Sarandon and other notable clients. When Russo turned to producing feature films, his production of “The Rose”, introduced Bette Midler to motion picture audiences. Midler received an Academy Award nomination as best actress. “The Rose” is considered by many to be the classic rock n’ roll film. Russo also produced “Trading Places,” starring Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd, which has become a Christmas classic, and “Teachers,” starring Nick Nolte, Morgan Freeman, and Ralph Macchio. Over the past years, Russo has received numerous awards for his achievements. They include a Grammy, a Tony, an Emmy for producing the best television special of the year “OL’ Red Hair is Back,” starring Dustin Hoffman and Bette Midler, plus many gold and platinum records. To date his films have been nominated for six Academy Awards, as well as seven Golden Globes. His films have won three Golden Globes, as well as the Image Award. He is now writing, producing, and directing a new feature film/documentary titled “America…From Freedom To Fascism”. The film is an expose of the Internal Revenue Service, and proves conclusively there is no law requiring an American citizen to pay a direct unapportioned Tax on their labor. The film is very provocative and is receiving standing ovations at its previews. In 1996 Russo made a political video entitled “Aaron Russo’s Mad as Hell”, which was a hit throughout America. He was asked by the people of Nevada to run for governor and he made the decision to do so. The powers that be in Nevada scoffed at his decision to run for governor but were very surprised when he finished second with nearly thirty percent of the vote, beating the sitting lieutenant governor. In January of 2004, he declared his candidacy for the Libertarian Party’s nomination for President of the Untied States. At the Convention in May, Russo won the first two ballots, but not a majority. He was defeated on the third and final ballot. He then channeled his energy into writing/directing America: From Freedom to Fascism.
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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Video: Bette and Cher Singing “Trashy Ladies” Medley

That about says it all. Whoever put this on YouTube…thank you! Love, Mister D
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Bette Midler & Cher: Trashy Ladies Medley

Mister D: Well, this seems to be cut off a little short. I’ll see if I can find my copy…I think it’s clearer, but for now this is so much fun, anyway…. Check out Boot Tube Betty for this video now….
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Trees Grow, Why Don’t You??? (Inspired by Wendy)

Mister D: I’m not going to post anything more about this except for the below. I found it on MySpace from a bulletin post Wendy made. It’s a fair assessment of the problem. The ugliness about all this Midler press is coming from on-line bloggers who are pretty right wing and they are constantly looking for anything that might make all of Hollywood sound like hypocrites (double click on the word hypocrites and you’ll see that Ms. Midler does not fit the definition…the word is majorly misused)…a major talking point of the right wing. It keeps them from thinking about their own and their party’s weaknesses. In fact, I would venture to say, it just keeps them from thinking period. Sometimes don’t you just envy these people that they just know the answers to everything. It’s all black or white, right or wrong, good or evil to them. There are no shades of gray, no nuance, no reading or research. No, all the latter have become bad words, unfortunately drilled into them by the Republican party or right wing hate mongers mainly looking for ratings and votes by using this uninformed base to spread their word. The operative word being “using.” It’s sad and pathetic, but wow, can’t you all imagine how easy life would be to think like this. Just put things in one box or the other one. Like I said, shades of gray. But hopefully the majority, from all walks of life, know that life is not that simple. It’s so easy to criticize those who really try to make a difference like Ms. Midler and others. She has been responsible for saving so many trees, beautifying New York and bringing back to life many communities thru park renovations, beatiful gardens in low income areas, boathouses, etc. She bought acres and acres of land that cost millions in order to preserve the property to preserve the natural beauty and the plants and trees that are indigenous to Hawaii, and in the process of doing so, saving the wildlife inhabiting it. Also something she never talks about much is her work to improve the educational system. Currently most of her efforts are going to improve the New York City area thru “hands on” work. A person can find fault with anything. After all we are all human, even the “Hollywood” crowd, but they are human, too. We all make mistakes and one of the most courageous things is to stand up and say “I’m sorry. I made a mistake.” This can be hard for anybody. I know from some of the BetteHeads I’ve had to deal with. And then you make the effort to make things right. Which is what Ms. Midler did…right away. In my opinion, none of us escape from being hypocrites at some point or another. Especially if we are idealists. But the great thing about idealists, if they don’t get frustrated with themselves (it can stop you from doing anything), is that they do strive for excellence and in the process do wonderful work. The people I find more damaging are those that just lie on purpose and say something else…making life miserable for others, yet profiting from their deceit. They haven’t tried to make a positive difference…they seek to divide people and spread conflict…mostly in the name of politics. Many of the followers of BLB and Ms. Midler know what I’m talking about. Do I need to really spell it out for the others? I say to the others who make the nasty comments against Ms. Midler, the Pitts, Bill Maher, and a host of others who are TRYING to make some kind of positive difference, take a look at yourself first and ask what you are doing that is any way positive, then concentrate on that, and do better. E Online August 23, 2007 If it’s not easy being green, then it’s especially not easy being green 24/7. As Bette Midler might attest. The entertainer and noted eco-booster is looking at $6,500 in fines for cutting down some 235 trees on a property in Hawaii without permission. “She’s very sorry that it happened, and accepts responsibility because she’s very active environmentally,” Midler attorney Max W.J. Graham Jr. said Wednesday. Hawaii’s Board of Land and Natural Resources will consider penalizing Midler for her “serious” violation, as a state report termed it, at a scheduled meeting Friday. Midler ran afoul of the green police last October when, per the report, state land and conservation officials spotted trees being cleared on a 1.3-acre property she owns on the island of Kauai. Among the casualties, it said, were 120 Java Plum, 100 Octopus and 10-20 Madagascar Olive trees, all nonnative species. According to Graham, Midler’s mistake was an elemental one: “She didn’t understand that they needed a permit to remove the trees.” Midler’s intent in clearing the trees was to make way for trees and plants of the native kind. Graham described the property, which Hawaii-native Midler has owned since 1986, as a vacant lot overgrown with the likes of the Java. According to the state, Midler’s camp informed officials in January that it had hired a botanist/conservation biologist to look at the land. Plans to redo the property will move ahead, Graham said. “We’re going to make the property much nicer than it was before,” Graham said. Such vows are keeping Midler in good with the green likes of Ecorazzi, the celebrity-ecology blog. “This all seems pretty innocent,” a post said. “Plus, Bette has gone the extra mile in paying the fines, and bringing in a botanist to plant native species throughout. Seems like a win/win.” Midler, who played Mother Nature in a 1990 Earth Day TV special, founded the New York Restoration Project, aimed at trashing trash in Big Apple parks, open spaces and vacant lots, in 1995. Her earth-hugging ways even became fodder for a 1993 episode of The Simpsons, where Bart and Lisa found Midler picking up litter along a highway. On her entertainment front, the 61-year-old Grammy winner is scheduled to bring her big, bawdy act to Las Vegas next year as Caesars Palace’s new house act, succeeding Celine Dion. Midler and choreographer Toni Basil, of “Mickey” fame, were in Vegas on Tuesday auditioning dancers for the show. Talent, after all, doesn’t grow on trees. Love, Mister D
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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Bette Midler: Putting The Show Together…

Mister D: This was reported a while back, but this is more of the aftermath…. Luxe Life with Robin Leach BETTE MIDLER STARTS HER VEGAS SHOWGIRL AUDITIONS August 22nd, 2007 Choreographer Toni Basil (far left) conducts dancer auditions for Bette Midler’s Las Vegas show,which premieres at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace in February 2008. In preparation for her imaginative, over-the-top show at Caesars Palace, Bette Midler and award-winning choreographer Toni Basil held auditions for female dancers this week at The Colosseum with the Divine Miss M. attending the final round. Approximately 500 dancers from Vegas, Los Angeles, Phoenix and even New York, showed up with the hope of becoming one of 20 lucky girls chosen to dance in the Las Vegas spectacular. Bette’s show, set to premier on February 20, 2008, will showcase the lively, feel-good choreography of Toni Basil, whose smash hit “Mickey” earned her a permanent space in dance and music history. Basil has been the dance director and choreographer for Bette Midler’s notorious live performances for over 20 years, including her Emmy Award winning HBO special, Diva Las Vegas. A home grown Las Vegas resident herself, Basil’s impressive repertoire includes choreographic credits in major motion pictures such as My Best Friend’s Wedding and Legally Blond, commercials such as the GAP Khaki’s Groove, and for television – the MTV Video Music Awards. To be able to tackle Basil’s ultra-energetic hip hop, modern and athletic choreography, the audition called for female dancers with strong, technical backgrounds and dynamic personalities. The final cast will begin full show rehearsals this November in Los Angeles. Bette Midler will perform approximately 100 shows a year at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace. The show will be presented at 7:30 p.m. five nights a week and will be dark on Monday and Thursday. Tickets for performances from February 20 through March 9 are on sale now. Visit Ms. Basil’s Official Site: Click Here
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Okay, Okay: The Trees Story!

Mister D: I have gotten so much email about this story…I guess people just thought it passed me by, but it didn’t. The way the news is treating it, you’d think Bette was cutting down trees left and right that were alive and talking…just losing it as if possessed like some serial tree killer. I can just envisualize the trees screaming and blowing pollen back her way. Her reasonings were simple…it was her property…and she paid millions to preserve this property for Hawaii…never intending to build a home on it or the like. However, the press just loves to run a negative story when good people seem to falter in their eyes. I have to admit, most were fair and objective that I read, but some had some really titillating and mean headlines I presume to get people’s attention. Many of those came from bloggers, however, to make themselves seem like real provacotive journalists. From what I gather, she wanted to keep the property filled with trees and plants indigenous to the state of Hawaii. But according to Hawaii rule…ya can’t just go around chopping down trees at your pleasure. You have to ask permission (even though it was her land). I think “permission” is the key word here. The bottom line is Bette did not do any of this with malice…she honestly made a mistake and didn’t put up a fight when told she broke certain rules and that there would be a fine. She has promptly paid it. The trees will be replaced with Hawaiian tree and plant species. I would just pick out the mean and nasty ones to respond to, if you like. Most of these will be conservative bloggers who just love stories like this. I’d watch out for the salacious conservative radio hosts as well. You know who I mean…Rush LimpDick… Love, Mister D PS: Thanks Wendy, Bri, Christina, and some others who kept me true to myself. I should have printed something about it.
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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Top Ticket Sales Las Vegas: Bette Midler Re-Enters Top 10

TOP 10 LAS VEGAS SHOWS TicketNews announces its exclusive weekly Top 10s and analysis for the week of 8/13/07 – 8/19/07. This Week 1. Céline Dion: A New Day. 2. Cirque Du Soleil: The Beatles: LOVE 3. Cirque Du Soleil: “O” 4. Barry Manilow: Music and Passion 5.Elton John: The Red Piano 6. Mamma Mia! 7. Bette Midler 8. David Copperfield 9. Le Rêve 10. Cirque Du Soleil: KÀ
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