Bette Midler’s Official Site Updated! (Thanks Jonathan and Jason!)

Mister D: Check out Bette’s Official Site – it has been revamped and looks quite Divine! There will be more to come so make sure to keep checking it out!

I’m going to be adding sites to the songwriter’s section (Bette’s IPod Faves) for those songs Bette has recorded. Currently I am using Darrell’s template (I’ve wanted to do this for a long time – and yes, I had Darrell’s permission for a template.

I will probably just be using song titles and songwriters with links to any viable official sites for these talented people. Once those are in place, I will be reaching out for interviews. A good portion of these people live around this area. Plus, Darrell only went as far as 1982 so I will expand to the present day. However for detailed info on all the songs up thru Detour, please check out

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