Bette Takes In “The Boss” Bruce Springsteen

Sassy Mister D:

Even though Bette skewered him in “Mud Will Be Flung Tonight” that doesn’t mean she can’t appreciate good music. And who really knows if there was a real feud in the first place. Sure, he should have let her record “Pink Cadillac” but at the time he said it was a “man’s song,” but then I beg to ask, what does he think Natalie Cole is? Of course, Bette’s version was better than either one of theirs…at least to me…

Anyway, she was in attendance at “The Boss’s second show in New York last night according to Point Blank Magazine And good for her…”holding a grudge” has never been proven to be a healthy choice…plus he has a plethora of material that she could really sink her chops into…think of the great job she did on “East Street Shuffle” on Divine Madness

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