Updates Coming: Put The Cool In Your Yule This Christmas

Don’t forget to order Bette’s only Christmas CD, “Cool Yule” NOW! Those of you who have not bought it, get it! Also makes a great gift for family and friends. Let’s make this a yearly classic. Or do I need to even state that?

For other Bette gifts, please check out the Bette Store

On other fronts:

* As you can guess, now Ms. M is in rehearsal mode.

* I’ve been told there may be an additional week added to the Feb/March shows. If this happens the ticket sales will go on sale around the 5th of December. This is not an absolute, but keep this in mind and check Bette’s official site or mine for further notice.

* Bad news: Rebecca has closed her bettemidleronline forum. Do ya’ll think there’s a need for forums anymore? Any suggestions? Where do people go?

* I will be changing out the music this week (a little more reflective of the holiday season), hopefully new polls, and more pics going up. You will have to register now to comment and rate. Remember you can also send e-cards using the pics. I had to turn on registration due to spam…sorry.

* Be looking for the “about blb” page to go up and “about Mister D” page also….they needed updates.

* Also I’ll be working on Bruce Vilanch’s site, www.wegotbruce.com and my own, www.thedivinemisterd.com much more, so make sure to check those out when you can…

* Look for more changes on BLB, too in the coming months. Nothing major

Thanks for everything ladies and germs!

Love, Mister D

PS: The subscription box is back up for those who would like to subscribe…..thanks

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5 thoughts on “Updates Coming: Put The Cool In Your Yule This Christmas

  1. I think there is still a need for forums, I really do. I was so distraught when the site closed because being part of that forum was like being part of a little community of BetteHeads who you could count on for anything, especially when you are the only little BetteHead in South Africa (well, it seems that way). I am really going to miss it!

  2. I’ll get yours and Brian’s forums up Brandon. As far as the Yahoo Club that says “official”…it’s not official anymore and is actually frowned upon by Bette’s upper echelon…so I wouldn’t want to be associated much with that one.

  3. Yeah, ever since I made my own Yahoo one, I haven’t been back to the “official” one… and that was about 3 1/2 years ago.

    I believe you already have a link to my club up anyway.

  4. I have links up to your site and Brian’s, but I need to get the photos back up for them. Barry’s messing a little with the design, so I notice I’m losing some things….hopefully Monday all will be finished and I can assess the damage! LOL

    Love, D

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