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Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy Holidays And More!

Peace on Earth and Good Will Towards Man and WOOOOOOOOOO-Man!

* Bette supposedly to be interviewed on a podcast this week * Celebrate New Year's at The New Leaf Cafe * Bette's a top grosser in Ticket Sales this past year...and she hasn't even toured!!! * Bruce Vilanch talks to Bill O'Reilly about the writer's strike * BaltoBoy Steve Has A MySpace Page With Some Original Bette Pics He Took...Welcome Him! 🙂 * I 've Opened up a BLB Tip Jar or what I like to call, "Mister D's Old Tin Cup" * Thanks to all who sent Holiday Wishes....xxxooo * Darrell, I'll call tomorrow evening...love you!

Merry Christmans and Happy Holidays to Everyone

Love, as always, Mister D

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